Saturday, October 20, 2012

What Must They Think? (Updated)

Do you ever wonder what you look like to other people?  I don't mean what you look like physically but what your overall "aura" or character looks like.

This question came to my mind last night when I received a note on facebook from an old friend.  Actually, we go way back to 1st grade, I do believe.  Anyway, he sent me a note that said:

"I saw these pictures and immediately thought of you." Attached to the note was this link ~

Of course, he knows me well enough to know that I would appreciate a link to "Hilariously Bad Taxidermy."  But, it made me wonder what people that don't know me well must think of me!  Eeekkk....that's a scary thought.  Really and truly I am a nice girl!  I just happen to have an eye for the eerie, the odd, and the curious

I realized today, after looking for something in my studio that my desk holds a few oddities ~ 

Specifically, I noticed "Michael."  Michael is a dog skull.  I didn't go looking for him, I didn't purchase him, but in spite of it all,  he found me.  

He was in the flowerbeds of the local park where my daughter and I jog.  We noticed him one day in a certain spot.  The next day, he was in a different area.  The next day, we saw some kids kicking him around.  I couldn't stand to see that sort of disrespect.  I think there is a beauty in bones and structure.  I think it's insulting to any Creator to have their works of art kicked around and thrown about with no consideration of the heart and love that went into the creation. daughter and I rescued Michael and brought him home ~

I am giving him a good cleaning and he will become the center piece for a mobile I am putting together.  

Because my friends know I am willing to adopt all sorts of forlorn characters, I have been gifted with many interesting treasures.

This is a mummified goldfinch nest.  It fell from an old friend's ornamental plum tree.  She didn't want to keep it for herself, but she didn't want to throw it away either,  so she gave it to me ~ 

This piece was given to me by my Aunt Alice.  She found it on her property in the Ozarks.    It's an armadillo jawbone ~

Actually, she gave the jawbone to my sons when they were little boys and we've saved it all these years.

(Heheehe...this is an old Halloween photo of my cutie boys...don't tell them I posted this.  They would be wickedly mad at me)!!

My friend Shell is coming to my house for a Halloween tea next week ~

She knows me well...very well.  She knows that I have a huge respect for nature...even the darker side, the sad side.  She has gifts for me as usual.  This mummified momma bird was found on her property ~ 

So was this frog ~ 

This very large lizard skin was found in my own backyard.  He looks amazingly prehistoric, doesn't he?

I know this probably seems odd to some folks.  But to me, it's a way of showing appreciation and respect.  As I said before...I dont' go looking for this stuff, it just happens to find me!

I'm not a dark person.  My home doesn't look like "The Addams Family" residence or "The Munster's" abode.  In truth, I love light and sun and colorful goodness ~  

I love Johnny Appleseed Skies ~

dirt roads ~ 

and antique teacups ~ 

I adore purple flowers ~ 

Tea Parties ~ 

and gardening ~ 

I cook ~

I bake ~

and I celebrate Christmas ~ 

Some of my art is a wee bit dark ~ 

but some of my art is whimsical and fun and light-hearted ~ 

So you see...although my eyes go toward the odd and curious, my heart is in the right place.   

You don't honestly think I would pull the wings off of fairies, do you? ;-)

Until Next Time:

Gerushia's New World

P.S.  Just a little update ~ I'm so excited and humbled.  Vanessa Valencia of "A Fanciful Twist" is hosting a give-away for 4 of my "La Llorona" inspired art prints.  I adore Vanessa and her blog.  She is such a sweetheart!  Do you read her blog?  If not, you should hop over there and have a look around.  It isn't just an art blog.  She also talks about interior decorating, gardening, cooking and baking, her lovely fur-babies, Miles and Matty...and ohhhh, all sorts of goodies!  Truly, she has created a gorgeous blog!  Would you like to have a look?  If you want to enter the give-away, all you need to do is leave a comment on Vanessa's blog! ♥♥


shell-rose creations said...

I think this is my favorite blog post of all time!

Thanks for mentioning me. Hehehe, I wonder what people think of ME, too!

I bet you would leave the wings on a dead's gotta say something! ;) <3

Gerushia's New World said... know I would leave the wings on!


Deni Breitenbach said...

I don't "know" you but I enjoyed reading this and I personally never thought badly of you... I believe you have a strong sense of something "unseen" but most people.
Thank you for sharing a little of your life.
Deni @BreitWerk

Gerushia's New World said...


Thank you! I do worry sometimes that my art gives people the wrong idea about me. You are always so kind and so generous!


sandra Tyler said...

Just having got a new dog the dog skull stuff got to me/ I remember once taking a walk and finding a dead dog someone once left on the side of the road.
But what picks specially that lizard skin thing....Ihope I sleep tonight.

Gerushia's New World said...


I actually wouldn't have brought the skull home if I hadn't have watched those young boys kicking it around the park. It just seemed so disrespectful. lizard skin! You know, things like this used to creep me out too. But, after raising 2 boys, I got used to stuff like this being brought into the house. :-)


Girl With Chalk said...

Well this was an interesting read!!!! To say the least! Have a great tea day!
Grasiela R.

Gerushia's New World said...

Hey Grasiela:

Hah! You can't be surprised....we meet up "in real life"! :-)