Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Finding Peace in My Studio and Calm in My Garden ~

In the long couple of years during my husband's two lay-offs, I found myself getting lost in my studio and my garden.  I nurtured my flowers and kept my studio alive with new art.  These places centered me and gave me calm and peace.  But, after the lay-offs, I found it very difficult to find peace anywhere.....and, I still feel lost and hopeless and terrified of another lay-off.  So much so that I find myself so overwhelmed that I end up doing nothing most of the time.  

I manage to keep my garden watered ~ 

I try to keep in touch with the little good guys that live in the boysenberries... 

and the new growth that will eventually bloom ~ 

But, in all honesty, I am still struggling.  My family is still struggling and my garden is still struggling.  With these types of financial disasters, it's hard to believe that anyone can ever get back on their feet.  Life becomes gray and dull, even with all the colors of the rainbow showing off in my garden.

I never disregard the goodness in my Everydays.  But my mind is so cluttered with money worries that I can't seem to find the heart or the time to connect to anything for fear that it will be taken away.

Last week, my worries escalated to the point of absolute brain chaos!!  I had to find some peace and calm in order to keep breathing.  

My studio.  My art.  I did it!  I walked into my studio and prepared 2 canvases.  Might not sound like much, but for me, it was a breakthrough.  I had not created a mixed media piece in almost a year.  I've sketched and painted a bit, but collaging/mixed media is really what I love to do.  

Sinking my teeth into 2 new pieces in less than a week was like being rescued from a dark, musty dungeon.

I felt safer.  

Not free from loss, but safer somehow.  Like, even if we do lose our house, I will still have a home in my art.

So, here is the first mixed media piece created in 2016 ~  


The name Lucine means moon or illumination.  

In this piece, Lucine is having an awful time making sense out of her life...out of life in general.  Her pal, Archie, is protecting and comforting her.  Archie has always been Lucine's guardian, through good times and bad times.  

If you're interested in purchasing the original, you can do so by clicking HERE.  :-)

The second mixed media piece of 2016 is a "revisit" entitled:

There are a few character studies from my book that I created several years ago that I like, but I'm not fully satisfied with.  Occasionally, I like to revisit, or re-do a character study.  For me, it's similar to re-writing a chapter.  "The Uninvited" is also one of my tiny tales.  When you purchase the art, it comes along with a short story printed on lovely calligraphy paper.

Here's the little story:

"Today is Miss. Laramie Rabbit's big tea party.  All her friends will be there, ready to have a day of fun and food ~ yummy little rosy cupcakes, delicious boysenberry turnovers, and sweet, minty tea.  But...someone a bit dark and eerie has made an appearance.  Someone or something Uninvited.  What will the day bring for Miss. Laramie Rabbit and her friends?"

If you're interested in purchasing this original, you can click right HERE.

So, as the future still holds some really scary maybes and what-ifs, I have to find peace.  We never know what the future holds, anyway, right?  I think for me, one day at a time is the only way I can breathe through my life.  The recent past is horrifying and the future holds the possibility of losing our home.  So, living in the moment ....one day at a time...is where you'll find me, and you can now find me in my studio too!  :-)

Until Next Time:
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Your photographs are very beautiful!

Gerushia's New World said...

Well, thank you Debbie. And thanks for visiting!

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