Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just Minding My Own Business ~ When All Of A Sudden.....

Boom, just like that.
Didn't see it coming.

Times have been difficult for my family since October of 2007.
No need for detail other than it's been a financial struggle since helping with my mom's medical and death expenses.

Last year, we were finally feeling like there might be a little light at the end of the tunnel....
until my husband was unexpectedly laid off right before Christmas.

So, I found a pace after the lay-off.
I learned to cope and juggle bills and force myself to see good things every day.

Spending time in my studio helped keep my mind off of troubles ~ 

Frisky puppies made me giggle ~ 

and my garden helped me stay focused ~ 

It wasn't easy.
It was high level budgeting and going without any extras.

BUT...we were, by the skin of our teeth, surviving.

Boom, just like that.
Didn't see it coming.

We lost our unemployment money.
All due to a power play in Washington.

In some ways, this news was scarier than the actual lay-off. we are.
In limbo.

Right now, the only money we have coming in is the money I make from my art.
I've just recently finished a piece that is a sort of nod to a character named "Madrigal" from the book "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" by Laini Taylor.

If you've read the book, you'll understand my character design.
This is my idea of what Madrigal might look like if she were in Gerushia's World ~ 

(Maragild is an anagram of Madrigal)

I think this piece stands on it's own as well.
It is still within Gerushia's World.
No need to read the book in order to like the piece.

Because of our current emergency, I am having a 40% off sale in my Zibbet Shop.  The above piece is normally $80.00 and it is included in the sale. If you prefer shopping at Etsy, you can receive the same 40% off storewide by using coupon code STAYSTRONG.

Sometimes, it makes me sad to offer my art at discounted prices.
It makes me feel like it's in a dime store junk aisle.
But, as you can see, I am desperate.

If you've ever contemplated buying an original or print from my shop, now would be the best time ever.
It is food on the table until we get through this nightmarish journey. I am.
Still blogging, if not as often as I'd like to.
Still trying to find good things in my every day life.

I don't know where this journey's path is leading us.
Honestly, I'm terrified.
And confused.
Confused about why things like this happen to people that try so hard to live a good and quiet and simple life.

I know there are no easy answers.
I have no answers at all.
Right now, we are in a dark struggle and I am trying with all my heart to find some goodness....and make a few dollars selling the thing that I love to do the most...

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

P.S.  If you have any questions about the sale or my art, please don't hesitate to contact me.  xoxo

Friday, May 16, 2014

A Quick Hello, Working Outside My Comfort Zone and a Weekend Sale ~

Hello There:

I wasn't planning on blogging this evening,


it's so hot outside and I'm indoors anyway,
may as well pop in and say a little "Hello."

I worked a bit in the garden this morning:

But, it was so hot, I decided to have my coffee at the breakfast nook
and view the garden through the window ~ 

Since the last time I visited, I finished a new piece.

"Always There to Hold You Up."

I have always been fascinated with twins and have wanted to do a piece dedicated to that fascination for a long time.

The piece has already sold, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

I am in the middle of projects, and found myself with empty time on my hands.
I don't like empty time because it allows me to think too much....

Which is fine under better circumstances, but with my husband STILL unemployed, too much thinking is not good for me.

So.....with no current project on the table, I decided to do something that I never, ever do.  


I love flowers.
I grow flowers.
I nurture flowers.

But....I don't draw them.

It is a thousand miles out of my comfort zone....drawing flowers.

I decided to just doodle.
Cartoonish flowers ~ 

Nothing fancy or realistic.

Eventually, this will be a watercolor.
Well, unless I get frustrated and tear it up...
which I've been known to do on many occasions in my arty life.

I think it's good to work outside of our comfort zones sometimes.

While I'm taking a break from my current illustration projects ~
I've decided to have a little sale in my Zibbet Shop.

May 16 through May 18, all originals in my Zibbet shop are 30% off. 
No need for a coupon code as all prices are marked. 
I'd love to move some of my original inventory, 
as I have several new pieces that will be introduced over the next few months.

So, this weekend will still be unseasonably warm.
The best time to stay in the studio,
paint outside of my comfort zone,
and have a little weekend sale.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fewer Words Are Sometimes Better ~

I don't have many words today.
Sometimes, few words can say everything.

With my husband still unemployed, I find myself quietly in the studio ~

And often in the garden.
Grasping for hope.

Grateful for this colorful backyard show.

Pinks ~

Warm mornings ~ 

Buzzing ~ 

Light and shadow ~ 

Snarling pups ~ 

Nosing around ~ 

Enjoying the garden from a puppies point of view ~ 

Rosemary scented ~ 

A little bit of lacy white...

and sunny hot orange ~

Froot Loops colors ~

Vibrant pinks on a hazy May morning ~ 


for lizards ~

The outside is welcome inside....

Bouquets ~

Vibrant dining room confetti ~ 

Thankful for the peace that my little garden offers me.
I find comfort there,
and a different comfort here...
In my studio ~ 

I have been very busy creating and selling.
The bit of extra money helps out tremendously right now.

This new original is in my Shop.

These two gentlemen were out for a jaunt in the countryside....
hoping to wrangle some rabbits. 
looks like Mr. Watson received a nasty nibble on his finger. 

I've also put these two pieces into my  "Tiny Tale Art" shop section...

Each tiny tale print comes with a little story that I wrote.
The corresponding story is printed on calligraphy paper.

Thank you for stopping by.
I hope to be back very soon...
with more words and, hopefully, news that my husband has found a job.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Saturday, April 12, 2014

When Quartz Becomes Stars and Serendipity Visits ~

Serendipity ~
I've always loved that word and the idea of it.

I stumbled across a serendipitous occurrence just this morning.

So, I finished a new art piece last night and listed it in my Zibbet Shop.

It's the first piece I've ever created that is in the night-time.

"Let's Gather The Stars"

The illustration is based on 2 characters from my book named Alice and Junie.

"Alice and Junie are gathering stars on this clear and warm April night. Junie is curious and ready to collect so many stars in her wooden bucket. She hesitates, but Alice assures her that all is well and the collecting night is upon them. Junie knows that tomorrow morning when she wakes, she will have a bucket full of wishes. What will she wish for?"

 I am sort of in love with the idea of star collecting. Gathering stars to distribute wishes to friends and loved ones.

Anyway...I created this piece with my little cottage in Northwest Arkansas in mind.

It was an amazing  wonderland filled with colorful turtles, chipmunks, wild honeysuckle and quartz.

We had these spectacular thunderstorms in the springtime and the rain would pound the ground so hard that the quartz would come to the top of the dirt ~

My boys were little at the time ~ 
(Sorry about the matching outfits, guys)

and we would go outside the morning after a storm,
buckets in hand,
and collect the quartz for wish making.

My new piece was based on our quartz gathering.
Only....Alice and Junie gather stars for wish making.

You're probably wondering where the serendipity is in all of this, right?

Well, this morning I received a note from an art friend/jewelry maker.
We only recently became friends through facebook.

After we met, I found out she grew up in the area near my little cottage.

She creates lovely pieces of jewelry and was very inspired by the quartz and fossils and rocks in that Northwest Arkansas region.

So, I received a note from my friend saying she wanted to buy this new piece.
She had no idea that the piece was inspired by the region that we both grew to love so much.

She had no idea that the star gathering in this new piece had anything to do with our quartz gathering.

Yet, for some reason, she was drawn to the new art.

She bought it immediately.

I am over the moon happy to know that she is the one who will love this art.
That she knows how the hills of Fayetteville smell after a thunderstorm.

That we share the knowledge of the quartz and fossils and secret treasures that can be found in nature in that particular region.

This made me happy today.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Always Remember It's Only Temporary ~

I am so scattered these days.
Most times, I can't even remember what day it is.
Having my husband home everyday has caused me to lose track of my days.
Is it Monday?
Or Thursday?
Or, maybe it's Saturday.

While he works feverishly searching for jobs 10 to 12 hours a day ~
I find myself with almost nothing to do at all.
Other than worry.

I try to remember that this current unemployment situation is only temporary.
It is, isn't it?
Only temporary?

Sometimes it feels like a never-ending whirlwind of panic and fear.'s only temporary.
Just another piece of our story.
Another valley to crawl through.

There are bad days and better days.
I find myself focusing on the outside world.

The freedom of birds ~

No money worries.
No bills.
Flying wherever your tiny brain takes you.
Most likely to a food source ~ 

Friends all around ~ 

Gathering and buzzing from flower to flower.
No worries of loss or homelessness ~ 

Building a nest for your family.
This pair of Mourning Doves work together.
Focused on the perfect stick or twig to add to their home.
No mortgage company breathing down their feathery necks ~ 

Sometimes, all I can see is black.
Then, on another day, I am reminded of purple ~

Jewel tones that have the power to lighten your heart.
If only for a flash of a moment ~ 

My studio eases my mind.
Sometimes ~

Creating illustrations allows me to escape.
For awhile.

I finished a piece last night.
And....I like it.

This is the second story illustration based on Mayor Ricarda.

 She is very powerful and protects Gerushia's World with a passion. But, even Mayor Ricarda needs some down-time. So, she joined a Monday morning book club. Just by the creek is a lovely spot to read and talk to other like-minded book lovers.

This piece is listed in my Zibbet Shop.
Finishing a new piece always gives me hope.
The possibility of a bit of money coming in.
Maybe even making someone else happy by offering my art.

There are also a lot of other rabbity pieces in my Shop.

So, I've created a coupon code for all things rabbity in my Zibbet shop, 
just in time for Easter delivery. 

Simply use coupon code RabbityLove at checkout to receive 25% off any piece of art that includes a rabbit. The coupon code is good only through Sunday, April 13th. This includes prints and originals.

I can hear my husband in the distance right now...
Almost constantly, it seems.
He doesn't realize it.
Sighs of exhaustion.
Waiting for positive news.
Every single day.

So....we wait.
He networks and job searches.

I wander and pace and envy the birds.

But, we still manage to get up and start over every morning.
That must mean something, right?

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lovely Lazy Days And A Half Crazy Sale ~

Do you love lazy days?

I adore them.

Especially in early Springtime.

Entering into our 4th month of unemployment, I am very focused on money~
And that makes me very sad.
But I am enjoying the longer, lazy days.

I don't like money very much.
It seems more inclined to do things TO a person instead of FOR a person.
But, the reality is....we need it.

While my heart is focused on blossoms and puppies and hummingbirds and art, my head is focused on survival.

So....I am having a crazy sale.
50% off storewide in both of my shops.

Of course, we desperately need the money.
My head tells me this and my heart believes it.

My Zibbet Shop does not require a coupon code.
The prices area marked for you.
Isn't that cool?  I love that!

If you prefer my Etsy Shop you can use coupon Code HALFCRAZY to receive 50% off.

This includes all my newest originals:

3 framed pieces:

And of course....all my prints too.

This is also a great time to purchase for Easter.
I have a large inventory of rabbity art!

So, while this sale is going on, I am going to look forward...

Appreciate the small stuff.

Hungry hummingbirds are visiting lately ~ 

This little one is patiently waiting for his turn at the feeder.
Quietly perched on a branch above ~

The puppies walk with me...
Investigating the boysenberries ~ 

Smelling the wildflowers ~ 

Playing peek-a-boo ~

Posing for selfies ~ 

Admiring the early blue blossoms in my backyard wildflower garden ~ 

Crazy mockingbird landed on this pretty lupine and broke the stem.
So it is now residing safely in a vase ~ 

Lazy days find me rummaging through boxes of old treasures and toys.
Poppin' and Poppie were my favorites!

Wonderfully quiet days in the studio.
Messy desk and Springtime shadows ~ 

 While we wait for good news and send out countless resumes every day,
we savor our Everydays.

Time passes in a flash, doesn't it seem so?
As terrifying as it is to be living with an unstable future, each day still needs to be appreciated.  

We wake up every morning with a heaviness in our bodies.
Fearful of unemployment and the lack of jobs to be had in our region.
Wondering and hoping that maybe today will finally be the day that someone says "you're hired."

But, we're still alive.
Someday, this will be a part of our past.
Another layer in our life.

It is scary, but it won't devour us.

Flowers still bloom.
Puppies still play.
Our family is still together.
Job or no job...

We Are Still Alive.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World