Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's Crazy, I Know. 50% Off My Entire Art Inventory ~ (Sale Over)

That's right.

I'm having a huge sale this weekend.
In both of my shops.

Really?  50% off my entire art inventory?

This includes everything from this framed original ~ 

"Mi Corazón por Alicia"

to my already affordable ACEO prints ~ 

"The Reader"

"Guardian of The Orphan's Moon"

and of course, my inventory of standard 4" x 6" pieces ~
including my newest piece:

"Clear As Day, She Found Her Light" 

and all my other newer pieces too, including ~

"Petula's Thoughtful Journey"


"Keepers of The Garden Gate"


Well, you get the idea.
My ENTIRE inventory!  :-)

So, if you prefer to shop at Etsy, simply click Right Here and use Coupon Code HALFPRICELOVE.

If you prefer to shop at Zibbet, click Right Here.  No need for a coupon code at Zibbet.  The prices have all been marked down for you!

I think today is the perfect day to buy art.  I mean, everyday is a good day to buy art, but today in particular seems like the best day.
What do you think?

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at gerushiasworld at aol dot com.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Friday, March 22, 2013

"Clear As Day, She Found Her Light"

This piece has been on my desk for forever and a day ~ 

Working on it a bit here and a bit there ~ 

It was a challenging week, where my art was concerned.  But I was able (just by the skin of my teeth and with a lot of help from my friends, husband and kids), to find my way through an unexpected bit of arty gloom.

"She was always questioning herself, questioning her strength, questioning her light. Finally, after so many years of searching, she found what she was looking for."

This girl...the mirror girl has finally found her place.  

That is my goal as an artist.  To find my place and stand strong in what I do.   To defend the light I feel while working on these tiny, colorful little windows into a story world.  

To share these little pieces with you and hope that you find something significant or just pretty or interesting.

That's all.



Fairy Tales.


The little bit of light that I'm looking for.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

P.S.  If you're interested in this new piece, you can find it in my Etsy Shop.

Monday, March 11, 2013

"The Beginning Day For Huck and Pan" and Springing Forward ~

Traditionally, I love this week....the first week of Daylight Savings Time.

Long lasting light and a promise of warmth is just around the corner.
I don't mind losing one hour of sleep.
The trade-0ff is well worth it.

Spring is peek-a-booing in my yard today.
Just a few pink nectarine blossoms ~

Soon, very soon, my nectarine tree will be covered in a riot of pink ~ 

...and I've just spotted the first secret nasturtium hiding under the daylilies ~ 

Looking forward.

Staying focused.
Believing that there will be softer days ahead.

Life can be so harsh and ugly sometimes.
Unexpected struggles and long drawn-out darkness has a way of stealing hope.

I cling to the Springtime.


Kelly is better ♥

She is taking her medicine and eating her special food.
She's been playing a bit too!

So thankful.

While taking care of this little girl, I worked in the studio ~

and finished this piece ~

This particular piece is very important to the over-all story of "Gerushia's New World."  You see, Huck and Pan (Huckleberry and Pansy) are two of the strongest and boldest characters in Gerushia's World.  They are helpful in the battle against Serafine ~ 

See, Gerushia's New World is not just the name of my art business.
It is the name of an epic fairy tale that I am writing.
Huge fairy tale!
Every piece of art I create has a character that lives in Gerushia's World and is part of the over-all story.

Serafine is, well, sort of like the Lucifer character in Gerushia's World.

Huck and Pan are very important in the battle against Serafine.

Anyway...if you're interested in either of these original pieces, you can find them in my Etsy Shop.

I am keeping busy in the studio.  Going forward with my art and my story.

Working on a new piece that, I believe, is going to prove to be a challenge!

 I am super excited to sink my teeth into this new piece.

I am off to take a long walk.
Clear my head and make plans for the week.

This will be a rough few days for my family and me, but somehow, we'll get by.

Thank you for stopping by.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Very Sick Little Puppy And a Shop Sale ~ (Updated)

It has been a long and trying few days.

I had a very sick little puppy on my hands ~ 

She and her brother were both sick ~ 

but Kelly was so much sicker.  

At first, we thought they might have Parvovirus, but they're both immunized and they're so small, we haven't even started taking them out of our yard yet.  It seemed unlikely that they could have Parvo.

Thankfully, they tested negative for that terrible disease.

Somehow, they managed to ingest something that was ugly and it caused them both to get gastroenteritis.

Kelly had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.

She lost blood and was dehydrated with a low temp.

Luckily, we caught it before she went into shock.

We can't imagine what they might have gotten into.  They are constantly supervised.  They aren't allowed to go into the backyard alone yet.

The only thing that has changed in their environment is our current project in the backyard...removing a huge Sumac from our backyard hill ~ 

Supposedly, Sumac is not poisonous to dogs.  But, the vet said that we can't rule it out.

Awwww.....look at the two of them when they were littler, still at the shelter  ~

My sleeping babies ~ looks like Kelly will make it through.

She's still not completely herself, but she has medicine and she's eating special food and drinking.   She isn't bleeding anymore (thank goodness).

However, we have been left with the unexpected costs associated with their care.

I am having a little sale in my Online Shop in hopes of raising some extra money to help pay for Kelly's care.

These 7 Select Originals  have all been discounted by $20.00.  Included in this sale are some of my newest pieces.

Here are the 7 originals included in the sale:


And....I just added an 8th original to this sale ~
(The pup on the left is Kelly)

If you purchase any of these originals for the discounted price, I will include a free 4" x 6" print of your choice for free.

Boy, I'll tell you.  Having a sick little pup is a scary thing.

I was so afraid to adopt them in the first place because we lost all of our fur babies recently.  Over the course of 1-1/2 years we lost our 3 beloved pets.

It took a while to commit to adopting.  Then, when this happened I was just in shock.  I couldn't believe that we could possibly lose these babies.

Any purchase you make will be so so so helpful.

Puppies are full of love and fun and silliness.  But when they get sick, it's heartbreaking and there are so many costs involved.

Thank you so much for considering a purchase.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Can I Tell You Where I've Been All Day?

So...can I tell you where I've been all day?

Can I show you?

I've been sitting right under this tree.

This exotically scented Plum tree ~

Gifting me with Springtime petal-snow and perfumed breezes.

I am in love with this tree.

Can you marry a tree?  

I would, maybe.

The blue skies have been breath-stealing lately ~

Sunday offered a shockingly gorgeous blue sky ~

On our way to the St. David's Day Festival ~

at Barnsdall Art Park in this little ol' town ~ 

The festival was great and I was so busy, I didn't really snap many photos to share.

Here's one photo that proves I actually attended the festival ~ 

Yep, that's me in the background with the black and white shirt and sunglasses.

The view from Barnsdall is lovely.
Griffith Park Observatory ~ 

The festival was the sight of the release party for 
"The Children's Voice"

Oh how I adore this book of Welsh Nursery Rhymes written by Peter Anthony Freeman.

I am excited and humbled to be a contributing artist ~

There are so many amazing illustrations in this book, each piece printed along with the corresponding nursery rhyme.

My art piece was created for this particular nursery rhyme:

"Hen Wraig Fach"

Little old woman living in the Valley,
Ragged clothes and heavy clogs,
She had a calf named Twm
Who was quite poorly a long time ago.
Little old woman giving the calf some milk,
But the calf refused it,
Well she then became angry
O dear! She slapped him.
Little old calf running like mad,
And she was shouting "For God's sake!"
Following a calf across the country
Oh friends, what an experience.

My brother, Robert Karr created the book cover!

My friend, Rochelle Rosenkild has a lovely piece in the book ~ 

...and, my cousin, Danny Walden has an illustration in this book as well ~ 

All sorts of huge thank-yous go out to Lorin Morgan-Richards of 
for being the mastermind behind this publication!

The books will be offered for public purchase on March 9th....

But ~ If you must have one right this very minute, I have a little offer going on.

I am selling the original art I created for the book along with a signed copy of "The Children's Voice"

The book included in this offer is signed by the author and 7 of the attending artists, including myself.

There are only a very few signed copies of this book.

If you're interested in purchasing my original art along with the signed book, you can find them in My Etsy Shop.

So, all in all, the festival was successful and the book release party was fabulous.

After a long day of meeting and greeting, we found our way back home through dark skies and circus lights ~ 

And...thank you so much for participating in my give-away.  Most people had to leave email comments.  There were 32 comments altogether, but only 5 people were able to leave their comments on my blog.

The winner of the give-away print set is ~

Joanna Grant!

Now...I'm off for an evening in the studio.

Continuing work on this piece ~

which will finally include 2 of my favorite characters in Gerushia's World.
Huck and Pan.

Huckleberry and Pansy are 2 of the very earliest characters I introduced into Gerushia's World way back when I first started writing the story.

Very happy to finally introduce them to you (soon).

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World