Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Fanciful Twist's 2013 Halloween Blog Party ~

It's that time of year again....time for A Fanciful Twist's yearly Halloween Blog Party.  

Well, technically, it's a Halloween Tea Party, but I'm fresh out of tea so I thought we might play a little game instead.

Do you remember playing "I Spy" when you were growing up?  Or, maybe you played it with your own kids.  I used to play this game with my kids when we were on road trips.  It's a guessing game, really.

I might say, "I spy with my little eye...something that is shiny and blue."  Then, the kids would look all around for something shiny and blue.

So on and so one it would go.

Here's a sort of Halloween "I Spy poem."

I spy with my little Halloween eye, something that is....


and gooey


and chewy 

I spy with my little Halloween eye, something that is ....


and crawly


and jolly

I spy with my little Halloween eye, something that is....


and rosy


and cozy

I spy with my little Halloween eye, something that is....


and eerie

and downright scary!

Here's to a fun and safe Halloween!

And thank you, Vanessa, for all you do to keep this lovely, arty, blog-world connected.  True friends have been made here in this electronic world. ♥

Until Next Time:

Gerushia's New World

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Time to Re-Visit Gerushia ~

Hello There: 

Way back in September of 2009 I originally blogged about my great aunt Gerushia.  I talked a bit about who she was to me and about her life in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas.  That was just over 4 years ago and I think it's time to revisit her story.  

Many folks ask me why my art shop is called "Gerushia's New World".  People are often curious about the pronunciation of the name as well.

Gerushia sounds like this ~ ja ROO sha.  The usual way to spell this name is Jerusha.  I have no idea why this particular spelling was used, but I adore it!

Okay, so here's the story of my great aunt Gerushia ~

Gerushia was my mom's aunt.  She was born in 1909 ~

My mom often spoke about her to me when I was a little girl.  My mom had a southern accent, and she referred to her as "Ain't Jarooshy."  (I love that)!!

Gerushia married a kind gentleman named Loyd in 1926 at the young age of 17.

It wasn't long before Loyd and Gerushia had a baby girl...and then a baby boy.  Together, they worked on their little farm in Pettigrew, Arkansas and raised their children.  It was a hard life....working a farm in the Ozarks during the Great Depression.  I've heard tell that Loyd used to say "The Depression passed right on by without us knowing it because we were poor already".

Soon after Gerushia's 24th birthday, she passed away.  Diptheria found it's way to the tiny town of Pettigrew, Arkansas, taking Gerushia's life and leaving Loyd behind with two small children.  Their baby boy was only 7 months old at the time of Gerushia's death.

Throughout Gerushia's illness, the local "church ladies" took turns looking after her.  They brought food for Loyd and his children and helped in any way they could.

It was tough...being a single dad to two small children and running a farm all at once.  So, Loyd arranged for the children to stay with family while he grieved and worked and worked and grieved.

One of the "church ladies" that so kindly helped Gerushia during her sickness was a gal named Marvie ~ my aunt and my dad's oldest sister.  Marvie was getting close to 25 years old.  She had a big handful of nieces and nephews, but had no children of her own and had never been married.  Then.....Loyd entered her life....

Marvie had always liked Gerushia.  They sang in the church choir together and she surely felt bad for Loyd, and for those children being left behind without a mother.  

Well, Loyd wasn't a very romantic guy but he wooed Marvie as best as he could, eventually asking Marvie to marry him.  He said "I can't offer you much and I have these two children to look after, but if you're willing, I'd make you a good husband".  Marvie said "yes".

They married and Marvie took those two children to her heart just like they were her own.  Soon after, Loyd and Marvie had a baby girl.  

Loyd, Marvie and their children moved away from Pettigrew, Arkansas....settling in Southwest Missouri.  

Every year, Loyd and Marvie made the drive from Missouri to Pettigrew to clean Gerushia's grave and leave flowers.  They made this trip every year until they were both too old to travel.

My mom told me the "Story of Ain't Jarooshy" many, many times.  Of course, I never knew Gerushia and my mom was only 6 years old when Gerushia passed away.  However, I did know Marvie and Loyd...two of the kindest people ever.  Now, both Marvie and Loyd are gone as well. see, Gerushia was my mom's aunt.  But, in a round about way, she was connected to my dad's side of the family as well....through my dad's sister, Marvie.

When I decided to rename my art busines, something called me to Gerushia.  She was connected to me on both sides of my family.  She was a strong southern girl and she was in my heart and my bones through my mom's stories.  

Her name is with me every day,  through the memories my mom gave me and through "Gerushia's New World".

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Just a Quick Little Weekend Sale in My Etsy Shop ~ (Ooopsie, sale over).

It is a lovely day!

I woke up in the mood to have a little Shop Sale.

Just a quick one....this weekend.

Today and tomorrow you can receive 25% off your entire purchase by using coupon code JustBecause at checkout.

This includes everything in my shop...even this new guy ~ 

and this piece of original art AND the book it was published in.
Wow, sometimes I forget this set is in my shop ~

All of my originals and prints and even the last of my "gnarly-dolls" are included in this sale ~

There are a few pieces that are good for Halloween too.
A little creepy, a little spooky ~

This is one of my favorite print sets.

 With Christmas just around the corner, this is a great time to purchase art as gifts.

Or....treat yourself to some art.

It's good for the heart!

If you're interested, just click Right Here to browse through my shop.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Friday, October 11, 2013

Autumn is Here ~ Time For Decorating, Watercoloring and Tattoo Finishing!

Can you feel it in the air?

Autumn is here.  It's finally here ~ 

Preparing to decorate the house in Halloween colors ~ 

But first I have to show you the best thing.
Some of you know that I have a print in my shop called 

I even have a little tattoo of Fiona on my arm ~ 

My daughter bought me the most lovely treasure.
My very own Fiona head for my studio wall ~

I am in love with it and was so surprised when she gave it to me.
I keep Fiona hanging where I can see her while I'm working.
Isn't she adorable?

She's very happy to share the space with one of my Orange Sparkler pumpkins!

I have so many beautiful pumpkins this year.
They are especially warty and chock full of punkin pox ~ 

I am a pumpkin hoarder

They are all around my fireplace, creating a perfect orange glow ~ 

Halloween decorations are my favorite.

Little strings of bony goodness hanging here ~ 

and there ~ 

Bloody candles ~

and a front porch visitor ~ 

Right in the middle of all the Halloween chaos, I found the most unexpected gift.

A hidden Calla Lily, very much out of season ~

The explosion of Halloween inspired me to paint something
 Jack O' Lanterny ~

Work in progress ~ 

Still working ~ 

And finally ~

You can find Harvey in my Etsy Shop by clicking Right Here.

Ohhh, and also, I am now offering my Alice themed piece in a print version. This piece was created for the "6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast" show at The Dream Factory in Frankfurt, Germany.

And, last but not least, I have had several people email me, asking to see my finished tattoo.

It is completely done and healed beautifully.
These photos were taken the day after, so the tattoo was still a bit swollen and distorted, but I think you can get the idea.

The tattoo is gorgeous.  If you live in the Southern California area and are considering a tattoo, Dan Smith from Captured Tattoo in Tustin is an amazing artist.  He used to work at High Voltage in Hollywood, but he's opened his own shop and it is absolutely gorgeous.  

Full view ~

Back view with morning glories ~ 

Front view with red poppies ~ 

So....I've been keeping busy, as usual.  

And a fresh tattoo.

What's going on in your neck of the woods?

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World