Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hopefulness, Art, Fear, Thankfulness, Life, Darkness....

I hardly know where to start.

Life has surely pitched my family a curve ball.

You see, my husband was laid off in December of 2013.

He was unemployed from December through the end of July 2014.

He took a less than perfect job, because, let's be serious, that's better than unemployment.

He worked there for just over 7 months when that company restructured.

In early March 2015, he was laid off again.

Currently, he is still unemployed.

During this time, I have helped to keep food on the table with my Art Shop ~

So.....I don't know what the future holds.
But, no one really knows, do they?

I try to stay focused.

And grateful.

Grateful for those dreamy days that are far and few between....

Tea time with a friend ~ 

Quiet days in my studio....working through the worry ~ 

Staying focused ~ 

Thankful for friends that share their bounty ~

Working working working on new art ~

Savoring sweet moments ~ 

....and working hard to make ends meet.

I just recently, (finally) introduced blank inside note cards into both my shops ~
(Still trying to perfect taking artistic photos of my note cards). 

You can find note cards with my art in my Art Shop ~

You can find lovely gardeny note cards in my Photography Shop

This is a rough say the least.

I have learned a lot...

Especially this ~ 

I have also learned  that, even in the most difficult, dark times....

There can be fun things.

Good things.

I am so happy to say that The Press Enterprise (an Inland Empire newspaper in the Southern California area) interviewed me for their "Artist Spotlight" this week ~  ARTIST SPOTLIGHT

They even included a slide show of my work  ~ SLIDE SHOW

My daughter was so patient last week....

Snapping a gajillion photos to get one single artist photo of me for the spotlight  ~ 

I see the tiredness in my eyes and the hardness in my smile.
And fear.

But....I see gratefulness too.
And a bit of hope.
 And thankfulness.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World