Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Beckoning of Leopold and Octavia ~

Hello There.

It has been a crazy busy week.

So much arty goodness going on right now.

Photo shoots, research, illustrations galore.

In between all of the craziness, I managed to get a new piece finished.

It is the second piece in my black and white series...

This new piece is a bit unusual because it is 5" x 7" as opposed to my standard 4" x 6" size.

Here we see Leopold (the bravest rabbit in the land) and Princess Octavia beckoning a visitor to enter their kingdom. You see, Octavia is a very lonely young princess because the 7 sisters before her have all disappeared. She has no one to play with. Leopold would very much like to find a young girl for Octavia to play with. I wonder if this passerby will be Octavia's new play mate?

The first in my black and white series is called

Prince Alberic is Princess Octavia's brother.

Both of these pieces can be found in my Etsy Shop.

Well, just a quick post today.  I am off to water the garden.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

P.S.  Leopold and Alberic don't like each other very much!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Is It About The Color Blue?

Do you like the color blue?

I find myself admiring blue so very often.

Humid blue skies ~ 

White puffs of fleecy clouds ~

Blues that change with the angle of the sun ~

These remarkably hot and humid days are deceiving to the eye.
Blue is a cool color.
But down here, on land, it is blazing orange.

I have a secret shady nook that offers relief ~ 

But on the hottest and most humid of days, it is still too warm, even in my little shady nook.

A quick stroll to check on the tomatoes ~ 

Won't be long now.
These lovelies will soon be on my dinner table ~ 

Fried Green Tomatoes ~
My one decadent treat...

Uh-oh...what is she sniffing around for now?

One quick look at the cucumbers ~  

and it's time to run back to the comforts of the indoors ~ 

I am perfectly content in my little home on blistering, orange days with humid blue skies.  

Bringing the outdoors in ~ 
Happy yellow sunflowers...

I have plenty to keep me busy inside.

A clean studio ~ 

a clean desk ~ 

and a clean reading nook ~ 

 I am still busy framing up art and vintage photos.
My little antique ghostie photo is finally framed ~ 

I found this photo at the bottom of a musty old box at a Southern California antique/flea market a few years ago.

One dollar is what the vendor said.

I paid the man and quickly left, as I was sure he had no idea there was a tiny ghost woman in the photo ~ 

Can you see her?  
Just there on your right hand side of the headstone ledge.
Wearing a white scoop-neck frock with hands clasped at her breast ~ 

I know, it is nothing more than an optical illusion, I'm sure of it.
Or.....maybe not.
It's fun to wonder, isn't it?

Sadly, my grand, orange and green pumpkin from last Autumn has become soft-bottomed ~ 

and I was forced to say good-bye.

But alas -
I am happy to know that such a lovely pumpkin has been replaced by...

This guy!
The Mad Hatter ~

Mr. Hatter once lived in Bizarre, Arizona with Miss. Vanessa Valencia and a cast of tea party characters ~ 

I am proud to have him watching over my studio now.
He is a perfect fit in a studio with the very lightest of blue walls ~

Blue art ~ 

Blue blue blue.

What is it about blue?
My favorite color since forever.

Look what I finally found ~

Aren't they gorgeous?
Anniversary edition of the classic blue canning jars ~

I have been hoping to find these for months with no luck...
then out of the blue :-)
my local art store had only a few cases and I grabbed one lightning fast.

Lovely, eye-candy blue.

Do you like blue too?
What is your favorite color?

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

P.S.  Remember this?  
          Blue blue you got the flu,
          Nobody wants to play with you.

Friday, July 19, 2013

"The Welcoming of The Three Faeries"

Hello There:

Just a quick little pop in today.

Some of you know I'm working on a sort of fairy tale.

I've been working on it for years and a day.

It's huge!  Too huge.

So I am in the process of editing and shining it up.

In the meantime, I am also working on the illustrations.

The story is called ~

"Gerushia's New World"

Like most fairy tales, it's a good vs. evil story.

The folks that live in Gerushia's World are in a battle to keep evil out of their realm.

In order to get into Gerushia's World, you must enter through a window.

The window is guarded by Custodia and Hectorina

"The Window Watchers"

No one can get through the window unless they allow you through.

Custodia and Hectorina  aren't merely responsible for protecting the world from intruders.

They are responsible for protecting the world from the evil Serafine herself.

In Gerushia's World, just like in every world, there exists an evil power.
Serafine is the evilness that threatens Gerushia's New World.
She is the collector of sin.
A deceitful and fiery power.

It is the Window Watchers that keep Serafine on the other side.

This is just a short little re-cap.

But....what I'm excited about is that I finally listed a new, original, fairy tale piece in my Etsy Shop.

It's called:

Minna, Duena and Verena are the faeries that help to protect the window into Gerushia's New World.  
They work for Custodia and Hectorina. 
The Three Faeries are the only residents of Gerushia's World that can go far beyond The Window, into the outer world of Serafine
They are the watchers, and listeners and the bringers of news from the outside world.

So....I just wanted to let you know that this original is in My Shop and can be purchased right now.  

I have steadily listed these original pieces throughout the years.

There are still a few of the original fairy tale pieces in my shop.
The majority of prints are also from my story.

If you ever have any questions about my art or the story I'm writing, feel free to ask any questions you like.  :-)

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lazy Summer Days and Life's Lovely Gifts ~

Do you love the lazy days of summer as much as I do?

Days of "nowhere to be at any particular time."

Hanging out at home...

My garden is being very kind to me this year.
Offering vegetables, fruits and herbs...
Lovely chocolate mint ~ 

Up the ladder into a wonderland of green leaves and delicious fruit ~

We think it's time for a pie ~ 

Deep dish nectarine ~ 

Who knows what you might find in the garden,
here in this hot and rainless land.

Parched ~ 

and dry ~ 

This little girl had been smelling and sniffing all over my garden.
Looking for something.
For days and days she looked and sniffed ... 

and this is what she had been looking for.
A mummy of a lizard.

So many teeny teeth.
Have you ever seen anything so fascinating?

On the days when it's simply too hot to work outside,
I find my way to the studio.

Snapping photos here and there.
I needed a new bio photo for an upcoming project ~

Look closely.
Do you see it?

Do you see my gorgeous art pendant?
(photo courtesy of Vanessa Valencia)

I adore this pendant.

I purchased this from Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist.

So beautiful and amazingly well-made.
I love the creamy, silvery-solder.

This is my go-to jewelry this summer...
and I am not a jewelry-wearer by nature
but this piece makes me happy!

And...can I just tell you something?
My studio desk is a MESS !

Which actually works out quite perfectly
because it's too hot outside to do anything.

So inside it is.

Cleaning the studio.

Framing some of my favorite art prints ~ 


Thanks to The Little FoxMargaret Meyer, and The Black Apple for this amazing array of eye candy for my walls!

I have already started hanging some pieces ~ 

I am off to finish up my studio.

I have several deadlines ahead of me and I must, absolutely must
clean that messy desk.

After finally framing and hanging these fabulous pieces of art...

I am Inspired!

And I like that!

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Friday, July 12, 2013

In Honor of The 2013 Mad Tea Party ~

First and foremost...

Heartfelt thanks go out to the lovely and amazing Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist for creating and breathing life into this yearly party.  The heart and soul that she shares with us is unending and I am ever so grateful for her. 


A lovely day upon us,
A party full of cheer.

With lots of tea (or spirits),

And a tiny little deer (can you see the deer?)

You see, I prepared my tea cups, 

and baked some cakes...

and a pie...

I even sent my green balloon adrift into the sky.

The guests have been invited,

Alice is on her way.

The children, in their finest,

are scheduled to arrive today.

Imagine my excitement,

When I heard the greatest news.

The March Hare will be joining us,
and bringing his brother, too.

Please, won't you join us,
in this glorious day of Tea?

Rest assured we're all mad here,
and crazy as can be! 

Gerushia's New World

Please note:  In honor of Vanessa's amazing Mad Tea Party, I am offering 40% off every single item in my Etsy Shop that depicts a rabbit.  (Believe me, there are a lot of rabbits in my shop)!!!  This includes prints and originals.

Simply use coupon code MADTEAPARTY at check out to receive your 40% savings.  ♥♥

P.S.  Just so you know...I actually drink coffee more often than tea.  Although I LOVE tea, especially mint tea.  I am a drinker of coffee...in a Jack O'Lantern cup.

Gerushia's New World