Friday, October 26, 2012

Poor Mr. Tolliver ~ (A Fanciful Twist's 5th Annual Halloween Party)

Poor Mr. Tolliver fell in the pot, then fell into a terrible rot!! 

Did he slip?

Did he trip?

He took a terrible flip....

He fell in the pot
Graceful? He's not... 

He got stuck in the pot and couldn't get out, 
Despite all the hours he spent giving shouts. 

His neighbors were wondering where he was about... 
Poor Mr. Tolliver couldn't get out...

He scratched and he clawed and screamed till he cried,
All the while I going to die?

Will I croak in this pot...give up my ghost?
Before I have my morning toast? 

Was he drunker than snot when he fell in the pot? 

Yes, yes he was, he was drunker than snot
And that's what caused him to fall in the pot.

You see, Mr. Tolliver had a bad cold,
That's what happens when you're fragile and old.

He coughed and he hacked and he blew his nose,
Till the snot was a drippin' from his head to his toes.

Slippin' and slidin' in his puddle of snot,
Caused old man Tolliver to fall in the pot!


Please stop by Vanessa Valencia's spectacular 5th annual blog party this weekend.  You won't be sorry!

A big thank you to Vanessa.  She is a magical mistress of party preparations.  She not only includes lovely decorations and tasty treats...but she includes her heart and soul as well.

Until Next Time:

Gerushia's New World

P.S.  "Mr. Tolliver" was a sort of accidental compilation poem written by my brother and me on facebook.    I had posted a photo of Mr. Tolliver and he left a funny comment that was rather poetic.  Then, I posted a comment that rhymed and from there..."Mr. Tolliver" was born.  Robert (my brother) is an amazing aviation artist.  Check out his Etsy Shop.  His aviation art is unbelievable!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello There:

I'm tired.  Not in a bad way...but sort of in that stormy way when you're trying to make sense out of life's "stuff"  ~

Just as the seasons change ~

Winter ~

Spring ~ 

Summer ~ 

Fall ~ 

So life changes as well.

Life is spectacular!  Full of mystery and color and good smells.  But sometimes, the curve balls can get the best of you.

With some unexpected changes at hand in my life, I have found the need to have a super-duper sale in my shop.  I need to move inventory and clear it out.  Please click HERE if you'd like to have a look!

This is crazy, but necessary.  I've cut every single item in my shop by 50%.  This includes my higher priced items ~ 


 All the way down to the itty-bittiest ACEOs ~ 

As time moves...this too shall pass.  I am so fortunate and blessed to have my art and even more blessed to be able to share it with people that see something inside of it.

If you are looking forward to gifting your friends and family with art, this is a great time to purchase.  50% off is something that I don't normally do.  

Give and Take
Ups and Downs
Light and Dark

Life continues.....

If you find it in your heart to share this sale on your blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.  I would be so grateful for those shares!

Until Next Time:

Gerushia's New World

P.S.  I feel like a used car salesman!  Truly, I'm not!  :-)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

What Must They Think? (Updated)

Do you ever wonder what you look like to other people?  I don't mean what you look like physically but what your overall "aura" or character looks like.

This question came to my mind last night when I received a note on facebook from an old friend.  Actually, we go way back to 1st grade, I do believe.  Anyway, he sent me a note that said:

"I saw these pictures and immediately thought of you." Attached to the note was this link ~

Of course, he knows me well enough to know that I would appreciate a link to "Hilariously Bad Taxidermy."  But, it made me wonder what people that don't know me well must think of me!  Eeekkk....that's a scary thought.  Really and truly I am a nice girl!  I just happen to have an eye for the eerie, the odd, and the curious

I realized today, after looking for something in my studio that my desk holds a few oddities ~ 

Specifically, I noticed "Michael."  Michael is a dog skull.  I didn't go looking for him, I didn't purchase him, but in spite of it all,  he found me.  

He was in the flowerbeds of the local park where my daughter and I jog.  We noticed him one day in a certain spot.  The next day, he was in a different area.  The next day, we saw some kids kicking him around.  I couldn't stand to see that sort of disrespect.  I think there is a beauty in bones and structure.  I think it's insulting to any Creator to have their works of art kicked around and thrown about with no consideration of the heart and love that went into the creation. daughter and I rescued Michael and brought him home ~

I am giving him a good cleaning and he will become the center piece for a mobile I am putting together.  

Because my friends know I am willing to adopt all sorts of forlorn characters, I have been gifted with many interesting treasures.

This is a mummified goldfinch nest.  It fell from an old friend's ornamental plum tree.  She didn't want to keep it for herself, but she didn't want to throw it away either,  so she gave it to me ~ 

This piece was given to me by my Aunt Alice.  She found it on her property in the Ozarks.    It's an armadillo jawbone ~

Actually, she gave the jawbone to my sons when they were little boys and we've saved it all these years.

(Heheehe...this is an old Halloween photo of my cutie boys...don't tell them I posted this.  They would be wickedly mad at me)!!

My friend Shell is coming to my house for a Halloween tea next week ~

She knows me well...very well.  She knows that I have a huge respect for nature...even the darker side, the sad side.  She has gifts for me as usual.  This mummified momma bird was found on her property ~ 

So was this frog ~ 

This very large lizard skin was found in my own backyard.  He looks amazingly prehistoric, doesn't he?

I know this probably seems odd to some folks.  But to me, it's a way of showing appreciation and respect.  As I said before...I dont' go looking for this stuff, it just happens to find me!

I'm not a dark person.  My home doesn't look like "The Addams Family" residence or "The Munster's" abode.  In truth, I love light and sun and colorful goodness ~  

I love Johnny Appleseed Skies ~

dirt roads ~ 

and antique teacups ~ 

I adore purple flowers ~ 

Tea Parties ~ 

and gardening ~ 

I cook ~

I bake ~

and I celebrate Christmas ~ 

Some of my art is a wee bit dark ~ 

but some of my art is whimsical and fun and light-hearted ~ 

So you see...although my eyes go toward the odd and curious, my heart is in the right place.   

You don't honestly think I would pull the wings off of fairies, do you? ;-)

Until Next Time:

Gerushia's New World

P.S.  Just a little update ~ I'm so excited and humbled.  Vanessa Valencia of "A Fanciful Twist" is hosting a give-away for 4 of my "La Llorona" inspired art prints.  I adore Vanessa and her blog.  She is such a sweetheart!  Do you read her blog?  If not, you should hop over there and have a look around.  It isn't just an art blog.  She also talks about interior decorating, gardening, cooking and baking, her lovely fur-babies, Miles and Matty...and ohhhh, all sorts of goodies!  Truly, she has created a gorgeous blog!  Would you like to have a look?  If you want to enter the give-away, all you need to do is leave a comment on Vanessa's blog! ♥♥

Saturday, October 6, 2012

"The Guardian of Cordelia's Swan Song" ~

Cordelia loved to dance.  Her days were filled with steps and turns and her nights were filled with dancing dreams.  She was so happy, simply happy, while she danced ~

But she knew, deep down inside, she knew that her days were numbered and her dance would end.  An ending that should never have been, yet it was a perfect Swan Song.

....and now ~ she rests.  ♥♥

The End.

You can find the original Dancing Cordelia in my shop.  Just click right here.  And of course, prints will follow soon!

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Sadness of Endings ~

Hello There:

I've been sitting in this chair, staring at this screen for almost an hour now, hoping to share a light-hearted and fun blog post.  But alas ~ sadness and mediocrity is all I can conjure on this 105 degree Autumn day.

Although I adore the Fall and all things that pop with orange and yellow confetti colors, there is always a sadness at the change of this particular season.  The change from Summer to Autumn  leaves a darkness in my bones and an emptiness in my heart.  I suppose a great amount of this sadness comes from the shorter days and the knowledge that Winter is just around the corner.  

A portion of my downheartedness comes, not only from the season's ending, but from another ending.  The ending of life.  A particular life.  I brought my little guy home this weekend ~ 

I'm still in dis-belief that he's gone and how it all happened so fast.  Within 24 hours he was here and then gone.  Another ending.  A constant part of life.  Endings....

Just as endings are inevitable, so are new beginnings ~ 

With the Autumn upon us, it's time for baby-making.  These Praying Mantids are creating new life, new beginnings.  

Only 2 days after these photos were snapped, the female Mantis began creating her egg case. The case will protect over 200 babies through the Winter months.  Come Spring, if all goes well, I will welcome those babies into my garden....and the chain will continue ~ 

The sadness of endings.  The hope of new beginnings.  Life is full of punches in the gut.  I wake up every morning and consciously look for goodness, otherwise, I will fall deeply deeply deeply into hopelessness.

I am looking forward to putting this guy on my front porch again ~ 

He makes me laugh and I do love the Halloween season.

This makes me laugh as well ~ I love a good "before and after" photo.  Lovely, yes? ~

Keeping your sense of humor, even through the dark times, is so so so important.  I think it is essential!

Keeping busy helps too.  I've been busy setting up new prints for my shop.  This print has been a long time in the plans and it's finally ready ~ 

Also newly offered in my shop is this print set.  I love offering prints together as sets because they look so good hanging side by side...AND, when purchased as a set, you save a few dollars as well.  This particular print set includes my two newest rabbity pieces ~ 

"The Guardian of Minervia's Secrets"


"A Serenade for Ola Jean"

You can find the print set listed in my shop....just click right here ~ 

I've managed to stay busy through the sadness of loss ~ through the sadness of endings.  Always always keeping my eyes open for little pieces of Heaven.  Trying to keep my sense of humor through it all and continuing to look forward.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World