Monday, September 26, 2011

Ready for Adoption ~


The 2011 West Coast Eisteddfod: Welsh Festival of Arts has come and gone, but will live on in memories and photos.  A good time was had by all, and the opening ceremonies were beautiful.

I am thankful and humbled to have been included in the The Welsh Mythology and Legends Art Show.  I created a piece specifically for the show and it was also published in the book entitled: "A Welsh Alphabet"  by Lorin Morgan-Richards's time for the original art piece to find a good home.  I have just listed "Plentyn Newid" (A Welsh Changeling Story) in my Art Shop.  

Plentyn Newid is Welsh for new child.  This watercolor / collage is a changeling story.  A mother wakes up to find her child missing and replaced with a shriveled beast. (I left the image of the shriveled beast to your own imagination).

The canvas measures 4" x 6" and is matted and framed in an 8" x 10" frame.  Included is a black, tabletop easel.

With the purchase of this piece comes a free copy of  the book "A Welsh Alphabet".

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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Gerushia's New World

Friday, September 23, 2011

In Honor of the West Coast Welsh Festival of Arts...

Good Morning:

Just a quick little post before I'm off for a weekend of Welsh, poetry, music and interesting food!  I will be attending the Welsh Mythology and Legend Art Show as well, as I am a contributing artist.

The opening ceremonies for the 2011 West Coast Eisteddfod: Welsh Festival of Arts are taking place tonight. I will be gone for the better part of the weekend, so I wanted to pop in and let you know about a little special going on in my Art Shop this weekend only...In honor of this weekend's festival, I am offering free shipping worldwide on the print version of my Welsh piece entitled: "Plentyn Newid"...(A Welsh Changeling Story).  If you're interested, click HERE .

This print is vibrant and quite dramatic "in real life", but the colors just aren't true on a silly computer monitor. This is actually one of my favorite pieces, as it has all sorts of secret meanings hidden about.

Hope you have a super great weekend!
Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Special Birthday, a Fabulous Festival and Other Assorted Odds and Ends...


So glad you stopped by.  I have been so very busy preparing for the Welsh Mythology and Legend Art Show, that I haven't had much time to spend on my blog.

The 2011 West Coast Eisteddfod: Welsh Festival of Arts is going to be a fantastic festival, taking place this coming weekend...September 23rd thru September 25.  It's being held at the Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood, California.  For those of you who are local...stop by if you can.  I'll be there on Friday evening and all day Saturday.

My art piece entitled "Plentyn Newid" will be in the Mythology and Legend Art Show ~
(Please Note:  This piece is available in print form in my shop).

and I'll be hanging around enjoying the festival throughout the weekend.  I'm especially looking forward to meeting Mari Lwyd ~

Ohhh....and also, all of the art pieces that make-up the Mythology and Legend art show will be in this book, available for purchase at the festival and will later be available on Amazon  ~

Throughout the week, I've been busy preparing my piece for the show.  Finally found a frame I'm happy enough with but still haven't managed to get a good photo.  I'm sure you can get the idea, though ~

So much to keep me busy lately, and all the while, I seem to have a sick kitty.  He's certainly not himself lately and I'm afraid it's something serious.  I have an idea about what might be wrong, but I won't know for sure until after his vet appointment.  He's oldish...but not so old for a cat ~ 12-1/2 years old ~

And, alas...during this very busy weekend, there is a birthday as well.  (Which is why I won't be attending the festival on Sunday).  This guy is turning 22!!  ~

I am sometimes stunned and taken by surprise by life in general.  Festivals, birthdays, sickness....the sands of time.  It's almost as though I can literally feel the sand escaping my hands, pouring through my fingers and puddling up only to be blown away by a hot desert wind.

I try to concentrate on the here and now, holding tight to the good memories and being hopeful for the future.

So, as I am off for another busy day at the gallery, I am thankful for the opportunities that have come my way as an artist....but most of all, I am simply thankful.

Until Next Time
Gerushia's New World

P.S.  My friend Shell, was kind enough to give me a special make-over before the festival.  I'm so excited to show off my new look!

See You Soon:

Monday, September 12, 2011

An Unexpected Blessing...

Each and every day, I make a point of acknowledging the things I am thankful for.  Some days, I shake my head in awe of my blessings ~ even when things are difficult.  Even when life throws me a curve ball that knocks the breath out of me, my blessings are still apparent...

From the best seat in the house ~

...and in good company, I might add ~

I revisit my unexpected blessing ~

My humbleness and gratitude are immense ~

Honored with the support of old friends ~

 best friends ~ 

...and the love of my family (my sons were at the opening but weren't in the photos...sneaky dogs) ~

I realized a secret dream, a little life goal that came true.  Something magical and spectacular...


Each day is magical and spectacular.  I never lose sight of that.  I look closely to find natures art ~ 

Confetti pinks ~

Stunning coral...alive in the desert ~ 

Late blooming Cosmos, already offering seed for next year ~ 

...and peek-a-boo yellows and warm oranges, hinting at the on-coming Autumn ~ 

Everyday blessings.  I remind myself to notice, to look, to smell.  

Special days are sweet and meeting a goal is grand...BUT, look deep, because Everyday is sweet and grand.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

P.S.  There were some friends that drove a long way and were accidentally not included in any photos.  You know who you are and I am so thankful for your support.  And to Amanda...a new generation of art lover...thank you for coming with your mom and thank you for your sweetness.

Friday, September 9, 2011

"Connecting Spaces"

Well....afer much preparation, lots of worry and excitement and with a completely new body of work created over the summer ~ tonight is finally in sight.  Tonight is the opening reception of "Connecting Spaces".  I have 16 new pieces in the show.  Along with my work, you can see the work of  r. mike nicholsNoreen Ring, and Jim Behrman.

r. mike nichols is the man behind the idea of "Connecting Spaces".  He saw a thread that ran through all of our work that connected us.  Some color and whimsy...some surrealistic aspects.  Yet, we are each completely different than one another.  

Mike is a fantastic painter. Using watercolor and sometimes acrylic,  he creates a bright world filled with floating men, surreal landscapes and beloved pets. 

Noreen Ring creates amazing textile art quilts.  They reflect a connection with her surroundings. Rolling hills, big skies, stars and moon ~  they all fit together in perfect harmony. 

Jim Behrman is a master "robot creator".  Wow...he captures whimsical personalities and thoughtful humor with found objects.  You just need to see his work in person!

Then there's me ~ and since you're reading my blog, I'm hoping that you already know my work!

So...if your're local to the Riverside, California region and you'd like to view some fabulous art, meet some interesting folks and score some free food and drink, come on by and say hello.  We would love to meet you!

I'll be back in the next few days with some photos of the can be sure of that.

Until Next Time:

Gerushia's New World