Monday, August 9, 2010

Zeb and Essy Need a New Home ~

I just adore making dolls. I love the whole process...thinking, planning, drawing patterns, and finally, combining every aspect to create a curious new life. Zeb and Essy were created as a sort of nod to the old handmade ragdolls of the past. (Of course, I added a bit of "gnarly" to the mix.

A few years ago, I was making several dolls a month under the name "gnarly-dolls". But, when my mom became weak and sick, I no longer had the time to hand-stitch my dolls, so I put them aside for awhile. Now....with a bit more time and a higher spirit, I am finding my way back to the meditative and rhythmic stitching that I love so very much.

Zeb and Essy are the last dolls I made before going on hiatus. I kept them, safely packed away, just in case I never had the opportunity to make anymore dolls. But, I've found that keeping them hinders the process of going onward. So...I have decided to list them in Gerushia's Etsy Shop. All the details will be listed there, such as size and a bit more detail about their story...why I named them Zeb and Essy.

I will be listing them as a pair only. They do not want to be separated. I will list them tomorrow, Tuesday, August 10 at 11:30 a.m. pacific time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment right here on Gerushia's blog.

Until Tomorrow:
Gerushia's New World


Anonymous said...

Great work. That last picture can be labeled gnarly porn!

Marie said...

How sweet and unique Kim! I love them! I just love to create myself, as you know. It is an integral part of my being as I know it is with you! Love and hugs! xxoo

Amy said...

So fun. I love your imagination.