Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well...I can hardly believe it.  I managed to finish a new piece in the midst of my Christmas decorating frenzy.  I'm almost impressed with myself!!

The new piece is entitled "Visiting" and will be listed in Gerushia's Etsy Shop tonight at 7:00 pm pacific time.  Normally, my 4" x 6" pieces come along with a story...and I did write a story for this piece, but I'm not going to include it.  I want everyone to have their own take on this one.  However, I will say that in my story, the girl on the bench is named :  Fanny Wenell Blanchard.  Look closely and you'll understand!!

I hope you like this new piece, as it has some elements that are meaningful to me.  I hope you enjoy looking and wondering and making up your own story.

Please note:  I must give a photo credit to Chantal Menard for the gorgeous image of the headstone.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by. 

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World


Bohemian said...

Your "New World" is quite an imaginative place! I saw your comment on Vanessa's Post about wanting to visit Wales... my Mom is Welsh and I was born there in her Country (North Wales) while my Parents were stationed at an American Military Base (they had some in Wales in that era). It IS a beautiful Country and I hope one day you can realize your dream of visiting. I loved our visits to
Wales to see my relatives... alas, Mom never taught us her Native language so there was a language barrier and Gaelic is not exactly a written language either... but thankfully it is now making a comeback with the present generation so that it does not become a dying language. Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian

art-and-ghosts said...

lovely, kim!
and there is no such thing as a bad blogger, your posts are always beautifully genuine and contain so much feeling, which is somewhat rare in this ultra fast age in which we live.

i dont peruse blogs as much as i used to, so dropping in every now and again is always so much more pleasurable for me. and there is always something wonderful to see!

Gerushia's New World said...


Thank you so much for stopping by. How exciting to be able to visit relatives in Wales. I have been fascinated with it's beauty and language almost all my life. I'm in Southern California...and I'm so excited. Next October will be the first American/Welsh festival in Hollywood. I've been invited to participate and create some art for the festival. The theme of all art must revolve around Welsh mythology and/or lore. I'm already working a few pieces in my mind that revolve around a couple stories in the Mabinogion!

Thank you for sharing your story.