Monday, December 24, 2012

My Life As a Lemonhead ~

 With Christmas upon us and a new year peeking from around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about life.  My life.  The life of my family.  We have had some very trying times over the last 5 years.  Horrible things that there's no need to blog about because, really, who wants to visit a blog only to read about the ugly things in life?

Who remembers Lemonheads?  They were my favorite candy when I was a little girl ~ 

Now, I find that this candy is very much like my life.  A thick coating of sourness surrounding a small kernel of sweet.  In order to get to the sweet, you have to chew away the sour.  So...I've been making an effort to focus on the little bits of sweet.

The sweetness of cotton candy clouds on a chilly desert day ~ 

Love and pride ~ watching my son accept an award at college ~

With overwhelming nerves dis-allowing me to snap a clear photo ~

Watching him wait ~ 

Seeing a huge photo of him on a big screen.
Best in class for 3-D Modeling ~ 

These are the bells and baubles of life that matter.  The important things to remember.  The sweet center.

New additions to the family.

A baby brother and sister duo sleeping on the way to their new home. 
No more shelter life for these puppies ~ 

Kenan ~ 

Kelly ~ 

Even through life's sourness, sleeping puppies can make you smile ~

Naptime with my daughter ~ 

These silly buggers, half Corgi - half dachshund, are always at the center of everything.  Even video games ~ 

2 sweet centers in the middle of the Lemonhead sour.


My heart's desire.  Sneaking away from the ugliness and difficulties of life.  Rescues me from the dark and the sour, even if only for a little while ~ 

I found my way to the studio many times over the last weeks.  Painting, cutting, composing.  Finding a quiet way to ease my worries.  

Two new pieces.

Both of these new pieces helped me get through many worries and trying times over the last few weeks.  I am grateful for that.

If you are interested in either of these new originals, you can find them both in my Art Shop.

My life as a Lemonhead.  Always always always chewing through the sour to find the sweet.  Keeping my eyes open for the Everyday goodness that is always there, just under the surface of the darkness and chaos.  Refusing to allow the sour to overcome the sweet.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

7 comments: said...

Oh my heart! Your life as a lemon head. Practically had me sobbing, but not in a bad way.

Life does seem like this at times doesn't it?

Sometimes for longer, sometimes not at all, we just never know.

As for you and your son, wow! (yipppee and cograts!!) And your new babies awwweeeeeee!


Just love them.

They make me so happy, what precious loveable goodness.

I am sooooo glad you were able to house them together. This is the stuff that makes life have a sweet center, for sure.

Loooove, Vanessa

Gerushia's New World said...


Thank you for stopping by. It's true, sometimes there are long periods of sour and sometimes none at all. This particular sour time has just been going on for so long, I'm exhausted. But...I keep looking for sweet.

Kenan and Kelly send you oodles of puppy kisses!


Anonymous said...
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Bobbypin Bandit said...

I LOVE lemonheads! They are my most favorite candy ever! Personally, I love the sour coating. I used to suck on the sour coating so much that it would cut up my mouth, but I didn't care bc i loved it!

I think those sour times in life make those sweet times that much sweeter. Your son's hair is gorgeous! How exciting for him to receive such a great award! Your puppies are adorable!

I love bunnies and absolutely adore your new pieces!

I can't believe the holidays came and went. I spent the majority of the time at my parents house where internet access is very very limited, so I missed out on so many things in the blogging world!

Happy New Year! I hope you can continue to enjoy the sweet things life brings your way!

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