Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Fanciful Twist's 2013 Halloween Blog Party ~

It's that time of year again....time for A Fanciful Twist's yearly Halloween Blog Party.  

Well, technically, it's a Halloween Tea Party, but I'm fresh out of tea so I thought we might play a little game instead.

Do you remember playing "I Spy" when you were growing up?  Or, maybe you played it with your own kids.  I used to play this game with my kids when we were on road trips.  It's a guessing game, really.

I might say, "I spy with my little eye...something that is shiny and blue."  Then, the kids would look all around for something shiny and blue.

So on and so one it would go.

Here's a sort of Halloween "I Spy poem."

I spy with my little Halloween eye, something that is....


and gooey


and chewy 

I spy with my little Halloween eye, something that is ....


and crawly


and jolly

I spy with my little Halloween eye, something that is....


and rosy


and cozy

I spy with my little Halloween eye, something that is....


and eerie

and downright scary!

Here's to a fun and safe Halloween!

And thank you, Vanessa, for all you do to keep this lovely, arty, blog-world connected.  True friends have been made here in this electronic world. ♥

Until Next Time:

Gerushia's New World


Kelly said...

Very very clever and Fun Kim!!! I agree we are so lucky to have the pleasure of connecting through Vanessa and her Fanciful world!
Enjoy and Happy Halloween!
;) Kelly

a fanciful twist said...

Kimcakes!! I want so many things in this post!! You have so many Halloween treasures, and a spooky guy toooooo eeeeeks!

I want the cozy bread, with the book, is it good? Looks precious!

And I want to sit in front of your fireplace, and look at your treasures ;)

You are the bestest!! xoxo always!

Gerushia's New World said...


Yes, we are soooo lucky to have her and be a part of her party fun and blog connection.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


Gerushia's New World said...


Yes....come over and sit with me by the fireplace.

My spooky guy is my oldest son. He's simply wearing once of my Cirque Du Soleil masks and a Halloween cloak, but the photos turned out sooo spooky good!

Thanks for visiting!!


Chrisy said...

…../ \🙊
oooh those pics of your son are fabulous! Thank you for having me at your place...if you haven't already done so, please drop on by to my party and leave a comment to be in the Giveaway!

A Forest Frolic said...

Oh my goodness, what fun things you have concocted!! Love the winged pumpkin and your 'chewy' butterfinger is calling my name ;) Love those spooky rocks too! Thanks for having me.

Jamie :)

Jennifer said...

That pumpkin is so amazing! Like one of the death's head tombstones in New England, beautiful!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Kim,
I love your poem and yes, I do remember "I Spy"! Thank you so much for the clever way you made it into a Halloween game!

Won't you please visit me at The Tearoom?

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!


Ms Misantropia said...

Great Halloween themed collection and rhymes!

Chrislyn said...

I Spy--yes I remember. What a great idea! Love all the pumpkins. Happy Halloween!

DogsMom said...

Thank you for a very vreatve and fun party.

Please come and visit me as well.

Linda said...

I had a great time at your party. There were so many different things to see. I love it all.
Please visit me:

Kerstin Bulin said...

Very nice Halloweenparty...thanks for inviting me...Happy Halloween and BOO to you
Kerstin from germany

Emalina said...

Oooh those are fabulously spooooky images, love it!

If you haven't already, do come celebrate Halloween with me at my 2 little parties:

1. Feasting with the ghosts at:

2. Dancing with the witches at:

gladys said...

Great game of i spy

Tricia Ballad said...

Thank you for sharing - I love your poem, and how you illustrated it so beautifully! You've summed up everything that Halloween represents just perfectly :)

Come join me for a story and a cup of Halloween tea, won't you?

Happy Homebird said...

Thank you so much for your lovely words on my blog and I've enjoyed your fun post and looking at your pictures. I've just gone and ordered that book too for my son :) It looks great.

Sam xx

Anonymous said...

Love your version of a Halloween Tea!, cute story and fun images!
The breads look really good too!
Hope you can come by to my party,

Laura said...

Such a fabulous party! I loved playing I spy when I was a kid!

Anonymous said...

I love your pics of the Sp0oKy masks - those are genuinely creepy and the filter on the photo makes them even more fun. Yay, Halloween!

The 6 year old in my household loves to play "I Spy" and long car rides are the best time. It keeps him occupied and me from going crazy. Hahaha! ';)

Thanks for letting me a part of your festivity. I'm very late on hopping to other parties, but if you haven't visited mine yet, please feel free to drop by any time. Happy Halloween! :)

Denise said...

Fun idea and a darling party :).....Enjoyed.

The Eclectic HOBO said...

Cleverly done and what fun

Loved the pictures .

Thank you for stopping by mine and glad u liked my new addition of the big silly pumpkin head!

Happy Halloween

Xoxo Gina

Tami Von Zalez said...

I'll have to get that book - The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything ~

Popped by from the Halloween Tea Party.

MarmeeCraft said...

Eeeeeeek!! What a spooky and lovely post, indeed!! Thanks bunches for dropping by my own humble little affair...tee hee. Your always so kind! & Of course I did not think you had forgotten! : ) I know your a very busy lady!! (And CONGRATS beyond words on your book....that is just SO wonderful!!!!!)

Heidi Dewhirst said...

Oooh I wrote a poem too :) Thank you so much for having me over to your place, have a happy halloween, stay creepy :)

Heidi at:

Laura Irrgang said...

Yay, Kim!
You're always so fun. Is that Ava? Spooky mask. Masks always give me a jolt when I see people out and about in them. They're so realistic and spooky nowadays.
Great books, and everything else.
Happy Haunting!

Ricki Treleaven said...

Hello, Kim! This is such a cute post. I enjoyed the "Eye Spy with My Little Eye" game! Thanks for hosting such a whimsical party!

Linking from A Fanciful Twist,
Ricki Jill
Art @ Home

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Great party! I remember that game from when my daughter was little! Great idea and photos! Happy Halloween!