Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Warm January Days Are Good For The Soul ~

I know the weather has been so cold and snowy in many places this winter.
Here in Southern California, we have had an unusually warm January ~

and I have been taking advantage of it ~ 
Daily 3 mile walks ~

You see, it is so easy for me to be lured into my studio ~

And that's good.
I have deadlines.

But these warm and sunny days call me outdoors ~

Mountain view beyond the path ~ 

Fresh desert air (well, sometimes fresh, sometimes smoggy) ~ 

Walking and just being outside.

Daily sights...
A tree that encompasses a foreign object ~ 

Grown completely around the rubber ties that supported it in it's early life ~ 

Oh....hello tree that says "Ohhhhhhhhh."
You make me smile everyday ~

Happy tree.
Sunny days.
Fooling me into believing springtime has arrived.

After a brisk walk...
Eating healthy.
Craving fresh fruit ~ 

The puppies are frisky on these glowing winter days ~

Taking advantage of the morning rays ~

There are times when I wake up and grasp for excuses not to go for a walk.
There are all sorts of "things" I could do or need to do around the house.

But, I know.  
I know that once I'm on that path, I will be thankful that I forced myself out of bed.

This view ~

The sound of buzzing bees.
The smell of pine needles and sweet winter blossoms.

When I am tempted to stay home.
To be lazy.
It is this view that tugs on me and reminds me that there is a whole world beyond my own front door.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

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Raige Creations said...

oh I would SO love to be in your neighborhood! gorgeous.
I am like you, I like to be outside, but we are where the cold weather is, and even tho the sun was out (normally a boost for me) I spent the day accomplishing not much of anything because I couldn't go outside for any length of time. Put me in a funk. This post makes me want to move to a warmer, sunnier place.
Enjoy your walks, I am sure it makes you productive for the rest of your day.

Gerushia's New World said...


I am a warm weather person for sure. I lived in a place where it snowed a couple of times a year. It was so pretty, but after a day or two, I was ready for it to melt and be warm.

I did learn that the snow brings out all the birds and critters. I loved bird watching in the snow.