Sunday, March 16, 2014

Little Hints of Springtime ~ Just What I Need.

I know.
I know it's been a very long time since my last visit.

With life so full of worry and the fear over my husband's loss of employment, I just haven't had the heart to visit.

The future is always a mystery, really.
Isn't it?
Add to that an unexpected lay-off and it can be overwhelming.

But you know what?  I can't control any of that.
I can't force a company to hire my husband.
I can't live my life in constant worry.

What I can control is my own peace.
My own contentment.

Finding and noticing little hints of springtime.
Plum blossoms are making an early appearance this year ~ 

Just down the path, the nectarine blossoms are early as well ~ 

These are the jewels that keep me hopeful.

Purples ~

Whites ~

Wildflower Greens ~

Tiny new flowers ~

Waiting for this baby bud to become a lovely blue lupine ~

There is healing to be had in a garden ~

Literal healing.
This aloe has been in my garden for many years.
My daughter transplanted it as a single pup ~

We have used it to heal cuts,
soothe burns
and cool stings.

Last year was the first time it gifted us with a bloom.
One single stalk.

This year, it is full of future blooms.
I never had much hope that it would flower.

Yet, all these years later,
after years of healing our wounds, it is now gifting us with beauty as well.

Unexpected and quiet.

The paths throughout my little garden offer 
buzzing bees 
future pies.

Boysenberries ~ 

We harvest most of the berries, but I am happy to share with the birds.

I share the berries and nectarines with many feathered friends,
but, I offer them their own food too ~ 

Every year around March 15th, we are visited by a male Oriole ~ 
(This photo is a few years old)

I always make sure to hang a feeder before I hear or see him ~

It is filled with nectar and birdberry jelly and orange slices.
An Oriole feast ~ 

Once he's established his place, he will bring his wife.

Then, they'll build a nest and in a couple of months, they will bring 2 young Orioles to the feeder.

They leave at the end of August.

I can hear the male up on my hill right now.

This garden is for the family,
pups included.

They have green grass to enjoy ~ 

And a concrete patio where they like to wrestle ~

and snarl ~ 

and romp ~

These puppies have no idea what money is.
They don't worry about unemployment...
or where their next meal is coming from.
They just simply live.

We can all take a lesson from the puppies.
Because, really, no amount of worrying is going to change things.
We just have to keep living each day in the best way we can.

In our garden.
With our family.

In my studio ~ 

I find a peace here too.
Different than the peace I find in my garden,
but equally as heartfelt and important.

Throughout this unexpected lay-off, I have been working and listing items in both my Etsy Shop and my Zibbet Shop.

This is my newest piece:

Some of you may know (or not) that I am writing a fairy tale called "Gerushia's New World." 
Many of my art pieces are character illustrations for my book. 
Gerushia's World is a large and dreamy place with a magical cast of family and folk.

This is "Ricarda." She is the Mayor of Gerushia's World. She is kind and understanding. But, if anyone tries to harm her world, she is fierce and will fight with her whole heart to save her land and her folk.

The original is listed right here in My Etsy Shop.

Also, since last time we met, I have listed the original piece I created for the book "The Age of Saints: An Illustrated Guide to the Saints of Wales."

I have been busy listing so many new items since last we met.

These 3 framed pieces were on loan and on display for months. 
I finally have them home again and I have listed them framed:

UPDATE:  These 3 framed pieces are 50% off right now in my Zibbet shop.


So, while we wait for the day that someone says 
"You're Hired"
I keep busy.

In the garden and around the house.

While my framed pieces wait to find a home, I keep them safely out of harm's way .

A frame inside a frame.
A vintage window frame ~ 

Is March the proper time to keep lovely orange pumpkins in the dining room?

I think every day is a great day for a pumpkin stack!

Surrounding myself with simple things that make life colorful.

Happy at heart even with worry in mind.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

P.S.  With almost 4 months of joblessness under our belts, money is scarce.  If it hadn't been for the Go Fund Me started by a friend of mine, we wouldn't have made it this far.  It allowed us to make 2 mortgage payments and keep groceries in the house.  But, the donations have slowed and things are beyond tight right now.  I won't ask for donations because I am tremendously embarrassed over the whole process, BUT, here is the link ~

Feel free to share it on your blogs or facebooks or twitters etc.  My family and I are overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness shown by so many.



shell-rose creations said...

Your words are so true, Kim! I wish I would have been able to read them before I laid awake all night the other night. I know my worries pale in comparison to what you are going through. But, somehow in the middle of the night, as I lie thinking...I can become paralyzed with fears of what COULD happen. However, like you said, the worrying doesn't fix things. Still, it's hard not to worry sometimes! My love and prayers to you and for you.

Raige Creations said...

I love aloe plants. We used to have some in our yard many moons ago, when we lived in a different place, in a different way....
I hope to have them again - soon! Because after more than 3 months searching for a job, I was finally offered one, but a huge move is in store for me to take this opportunity. Keep trying, you never know when it will work out, but it will. Tell your hubby to hang in there.
Wishing the best for you and your family.
(your pictures of your yard are awesome!)

Vanessa said...

Kim, your garden is doing dreamy as is your beautiful art. In light of all the stress and worry, you see life with a beauty, I so admire that. I know, in my heart of hearts, that somehow it will all work out. But like you said, we have no control, and the only way to not fall apart is to succumb, and say, I have no control - then deep breath. You are so so so right, see the lovely in life so we don't drown..... SO much love to you and your family, from me xoxo

(your art is wonderful, and your framing so super professional, love it, sigh......)

Laura Tieri said...

You kooky girl, who puts pumpkins in their dining room in March!!! That's crazy! Everyone knows they go in kitchen in March!!! Ha! Just kidding! :0)
I can't believe that they are still in good shape! I wonder if Vanessa still has hers!

It almost makes me want to cry seeing all of your beautiful photos. Here in Chicago, the tons of snow are finally melting. We're trying to think spring but now we're supposed to be in the 30s with 2 inches of snow Mon. night. It's supposed to be at least 49 right now, not 30 for a high!
Thank you for sharing your pretty pictures. I have to believe that it will look like that here soon enough! I just want to get out & start my gardening!
Your dogs are so cute! It's funny how they can look so cute in one picture & so vicious in another! : )

Gerushia's New World said...


We all worry even though we know it doesn't change anything. You know me, I'm a worrier too. I'm just at the point where faith is stronger than worry. My mind can become a whirlwind of "what-ifs" so I had to let go and just sort of flow with the days. One day at a time.


Gerushia's New World said...


Congratulations on getting the job! How exciting....a big move. I often dream about moving from my current location to somewhere less uptight and more open minded.

I hope you love your new job and new location.


Gerushia's New World said...


Thank you! My garden is small in comparison to yours, but I've learned that small can still be BIG in the world of gardening.

Yes, I am learning that letting go and living each day, day by day, is the only way to not drown. Although, I admit, sometimes I do feel like I'm drowning, but I try to keep things in perspective and enjoy the good things in my life each day. I am still terrified of becoming homeless, but if that's our destiny, then I will have to learn how to live the best homeless life I can.


Gerushia's New World said...


Yes, I am kooky, I admit to keeping pumpkins in the dining room. BUT, to even things out, I also have them in my kitchen (and family room). :-)

We have had an unusually warm winter here in Southern California. Really, we've had no winter at all, so in some ways that's nice, but not always so nice for the garden.

Very soon, you will wake up to a lovely spring day and the grass will green up. I lived in a region that received a bit of snow each year (not like Chicago)and I remember the excitement of seeing the first crocuses popping up. The first FEELING of spring in the air. It was really more exciting than springtime here in California because there isn't a huge difference between seasons here.