Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clara and Lucy's Curious Visitors (Story Art).

"It was a very warm summer morning...heading into the kind of day that blankets you in furnace heat and dampness. Clara and Lucy were off for a walk. Oh they had a lovely time, each wearing their sun hats and pretty lace up boots. They strolled by the creek, picked bouquets of wild flowers and even had a taste of Mr. Stepps plump and purple Huckleberries. Clara and Lucy were the best of friends, they were sisters. They both had dreams of great adventures and spent hours telling each other stories. As Clara and Lucy made their way back home, they skipped and held hands...they were so happy to be together. But, just as they arrived back home, something felt askew...they each broke out in goosebumps and were so very curious. "We have visitors" said Clara. "Yes, but who are they?" said Lucy".

Now, you get to fill in the blank. The end of the story belongs to you!!

This is my newest print freshly listed in My Shop.

Clara was my maternal grandmother. She's the cute and rounder of the two young women. Lucy, with the long ringlets, was her sister...

I never met either of them. My Grandma Watson passed away long before I was born, but I have heard stories. My mom said she could "dance a jig", because she was Irish, you know. I think I've heard tell that she was fiery and spirited and fun as well....

~Grandma at Knott's Berry Farm~

So, there you go, in a nutshell, that's just about all I know of her. My parents were a bit older when they had me, so even though I'm only in my 40s, both of my parents are gone and I actually never knew any of my grandparents. But I do know them in spirit and heart and through stories.

These photos of my Grandma Watson are priceless to me. I have them as scans, as they were sent to me electronically by my dearest cousin, Danny (who is also a young one in my family and never knew our grandma in person). Between the two of us, we've managed to keep our heritage alive for each other. Through our stories and art and communication, we've created a connection that won't be broken. Danny lives way out yonder over the hills and dales. I'm here in the dusty desert of Southern California and Danny is in the lush and green rolling hills of Northwest Arkansas, but through these electronic boxes that I often swear I hate, we have become the best of friends.

Thank you so much for reading my stories and looking at my art.

Gerushia's New World


Manon Doyle said...

Love your story and the pics of Grandma Watson. The new piece is stunning!

Sam I Am said...

Hi Kim!
Thanks for the post on my blog :)
And noooo..i didnt hear the explosions!! what happened???
Love your new blog.. very artsy..and fun!!

art-and-ghosts said...

this is really touching.
i too was born quite late, due to the loss of a brother before me - and i often wonder about long past family members who i never got to see.

i am also the very end of a line, too.
the last daughter in an two daughter family and neither of us plant to have children!
although i am happy with this, there is a sadness in view of the lineage, if that makes sense.

your grandmother looks like a strong lady with a good sense of fun!

art-and-ghosts said...

apologies for the drastic spelling errors!

Gerushia's New World said...


Here in Gerushia's World, we don't recognize them as spelling errors, it is called "creative typing".


Shona Cole said...

great story Kim, I like the idea that you leave the ending up to the reader! the possibilities are endless, it has got me thinking.... if I come up with anything clever I will let you know

shona :)

Marie said...

I just love seeing old family photos. I have some lovely ones of my relatives. I Love what you have done here. Now my brain is ticking away . . . whatever are those two in the back up to. Methink's they are up to no good! I could be wrong though . . . I often am!!

La Dolce Vita said...

what a great story and a cliff hanger! I have a tiny box of photos but I knew everyone so I guess it is a trade...

La Dolce Vita said...

thanks for stopping by and the kind comments about the snow. I lived in LA for two years so I know the weather can be monotonous. so glad you liked the photos. would love to link with you and use either Caterina Giglio or the blog name, it doesn't matter to me! thanks so much! cat

Amy. said...

So fun. I love family stories. My cousin, Barry, and I have become very close too and we are the "young ones" in our forties.
Thanks for showing this beautiful art project and telling the stories.
That photo at Knotts is too good!!!!