Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Day Sale ~

Good Day Everyone:

Just a quick little blurb here today, as I'm busy in the studio. I did want to pop in and let you know that I'm having a one day sale on all original watercolor/collages in Gerushia's Big Cartel. This one day sale includes all of the newer pieces that I currently have posession of ~

And....several older originals as well ~

I know I am so very behind in my regular blogging. Seems that all I've been doing this past month is marketing ~ and, in all honesty, marketing is the only part about my "job" that I don't love!

You are all so patient and I appreciate that you continue to visit my blog. I promise that I will post a regular and fun entry very soon.

Until Next Time
Gerushia's New World


Amy said...

I really enjoy your writing as much as your art. You have such a way with words that draws me in with anticipation.

Gerushia's New World said...

Amy...thank you so much. I really appreciate your comments.

I have to get back to my daily blogging. I haven't had a chance to visit my arty blog friends in quite awhile. My back was out for an entire week recently, and I am just swamped trying to catch up!!