Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"The Good Mourning Mice".

Hello There:

I have been buzzing around like a busy bee for the last few days.  I have so many art pieces to finish and frame  between now and the beginning of September.  Actually, about 20 pieces in all!!  In September, I'll have the honor of being included in a show called "Connecting Spaces", with 3 other artists .  Due to the fact that there are only 4 of us in all, we each need to be prepared to have a huge amount of framed pieces available.  So...I am working away at creating my originals for the show.  I can't offer the originals in my shop, but I am offering them in print form.  After the show, I'll be able to loosen up and list my originals!  

Here's my newest piece entitled "The Good Mourning Mice" ~

The title reflects the fact that the bodies that I used in this collage are from one of my vintage "mourning photos".  I have quite a little collection of those photos and I really wanted to use one.  Although the subject matter of the piece is a bit sad, I wanted to give it a children's book feel.  I hope I've accomplished that!  Anyway, you can find this piece in print form here.  I've already sold a few and I must say, they look very nice printed out on the Hewlett Packard Premium Plus Photo Paper.  

Aside from all the arty business, I've also opted to open a second shop. This one will be specifically for vintage digital downloads.  You can find the new shop right here!  

I have so, so many vintage photos and I decided it was time to share some of the images with other artists.  These downloads are fabulous for collage/mixed media, altered art, greeting cards and even scrapbooking.  Within 24 hours or less from the time of payment, I will send you, in email, a high resolution jpeg which you can print out however you like.  Isn't that magical?  Here's one of my favorite, dreamy downloads ~  

This photo and many, many others can be found at Gerushia's Digital Downloads.  I will be adding new imagess all the time, so check back often.

Well, I am out of breath and still need to run to the grocery, dead-head the roses and work on another new piece.  Hmmmm...this one will be based on "The Queen of Hearts"....

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World


connie said...

loving the mice!!

Gerushia's New World said...

Well, thank you, Connie. I have a big show coming up in September, so I am working towards a goal of finishing 20 pieces.

Thanks so much for stopping by.