Friday, August 12, 2011

Busy Week and More To Come...(Updated)

Hello There:

I don't like being away from my blog for such long periods of time.  My schedule is a good way, but still crazy.  I have been locked away in my studio, painting, composing and creating little pieces for my upcoming show in Sept.  I need 30 finished and framed pieces by the end of August.  I have 20 right I will be a very busy gal over the next several weeks.  

In the last few days, I have managed to get 2 new pieces done.  I can't offer the originals in my zibbet shop because the originals are being held back for the show.  But, I did list print versions of the two newest piece ~

and...a piece that I just finished a few hours ago inspired by Little-Bo-Peep, entitled:

I'm also offering a new print set from my "fairy tales and nursery rhymes" series.  I guess to some folks, these watercolor/collages are creepy...but to me, well...I think this set would be fabulous hanging in a child's room. 

PLEASE NOTE:  In celebration of my daughter's birthday, I am having a 15% off sale in my zibbet shop.  No need for a coupon code as the price discount has already been noted.  This sale will start Sunday, August 14th and run through Thursday, August 18th.  This sale includes everything in my shop....even the new prints. Hooray for birthdays!!

In the midst of my whirlwind schedule, I did find time to take a day off and journey to High Voltage Tattoo with my fabulous, wonderful, and always heartful friend, Shell.  My daughter and Shell's son came along as well. 

I finally finished off my "Dancing Fiona" tattoo with Dan Smith...keep in mind, these photos were taken just after the tattoo was finished, so it's still ooey-gooey fresh...I had Sweet Peas added to frame out Fiona ~

We had a fantstic time at High Voltage Tattoo.  We shopped at Wonderland Gallery and even made a quick stop at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  I have so many photos to share, but I haven't had a chance to go through all of them yet.  Like I schedule is CRAZY right now.

I will be back as soon as possible to share some fun photos.  I'm getting so excited to finish all this work so I can start getting ready for all sorts of Autumn goodness and Halloween planning!  Are you detecting just a teeny tiny hint of Fall in the air?  I have been lately...

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World


Raige Creations said...

it is great you are so busy! I hope you are enjoying it and not too stressed out.
I like your tattoo as well! love that is is of your own artwork.
And yes, I have felt the fall, but am NOT ready!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy happpppppppppy 18 years of life to your wonderful daughter!!! Have an extra piece of cake for me okay????

OH OH! to me, sweet peas are your signature flower. I am so glad you added them to Fiona!

Busy is good, have a blast in every moment, as I know you and I both strive to do ;)

Loooooove, V