Friday, September 9, 2011

"Connecting Spaces"

Well....afer much preparation, lots of worry and excitement and with a completely new body of work created over the summer ~ tonight is finally in sight.  Tonight is the opening reception of "Connecting Spaces".  I have 16 new pieces in the show.  Along with my work, you can see the work of  r. mike nicholsNoreen Ring, and Jim Behrman.

r. mike nichols is the man behind the idea of "Connecting Spaces".  He saw a thread that ran through all of our work that connected us.  Some color and whimsy...some surrealistic aspects.  Yet, we are each completely different than one another.  

Mike is a fantastic painter. Using watercolor and sometimes acrylic,  he creates a bright world filled with floating men, surreal landscapes and beloved pets. 

Noreen Ring creates amazing textile art quilts.  They reflect a connection with her surroundings. Rolling hills, big skies, stars and moon ~  they all fit together in perfect harmony. 

Jim Behrman is a master "robot creator".  Wow...he captures whimsical personalities and thoughtful humor with found objects.  You just need to see his work in person!

Then there's me ~ and since you're reading my blog, I'm hoping that you already know my work!

So...if your're local to the Riverside, California region and you'd like to view some fabulous art, meet some interesting folks and score some free food and drink, come on by and say hello.  We would love to meet you!

I'll be back in the next few days with some photos of the can be sure of that.

Until Next Time:

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