Monday, November 28, 2011

Lost in That Whirlwind of Time ~

Well, here I am again, lost in that constant whirlwind of passing time.  I adore my blog so very much, and even more, I love the people that I have met through my blog.  Somehow, I find it difficult to keep up with my blog.  I seem to be constantly in the middle of something that keeps me from blogging. I admit life is a whirlwind!!

So, with all of that being said, I still refuse to give up my blog.  I still have good intentions and I want to get back to journaling at least a few times a week.  I do hope to see you all more often and I can't wait to get caught up on reading your blogs as well.

Time is flying crazy fast for me.  It seems it was only yesterday that my garden was in bloom, sharing the scents of a warm summer morning...

Then....I closed my eyes for just a split second and this happened...

Then, another wee second, and this happened...

During these faster than the speed of light days, I have managed to accomplish a few tasks.  I finally got all of my pieces from the "Connecting Spaces" show listed in my shop for the holiday shopping season.  There are 13 altogether.  5 framed, original ACEOS and 8 framed (or unframed) original 4" x 6" pieces.  See anything you like?

You can find my original, framed ACEOs by clicking here.  You can also find all of my original 4" x 6" pieces.  You can purchase them framed as they hung in the gallery, or you can purchase them unframed.  Click right here to see these originals.  They have all been discounted for the holidays. can also have a look at my prints..  They have been deeply discounted for the holidays as well.  Simply click right here to see my prints.'s a tidbit of news that I am so happy about.  My Little Red Riding Hood inspired piece "An Unexpected Visitor" was included in Pasticcio Quartz Issue 13.  This artzine is so rich and delicious. Created by Sarah Fishburn and Angela Cartwright, this beautiful zine is always full of insightful articles and yummy eye candy.  

Here's a sneak peek of the "Little Red Riding Hood" article...

Yep, that's my piece in the upper right hand corner.  I am humbled to be included with so many great and whimsical artists in this article.  Thank you Sarah and Angela for thinking of me!

This particular original piece is not being offered for sale in my shop, because my daughter has claimed it!  BUT, you can purchase it in print form right here! you see, my life really is a crazy whirlwind.  In between the art projects, taking care of my shop, doing my other "stuff" like cooking and taking care of my family, I've managed to accomplish a few things and still find my way back here (even though it's been over 2 months)!

I won't promise that I'll be back soon...but I WILL be back!

Until Next Time
Gerushia's New World


Raige Creations said...

completely understand about that whirlwind of time. don't know why it has to go so fast.....
Congrats on the Little Red Riding Hood! And that is a nice piece, no wonder your daughter claimed it.
Don't be away too long. ;)

Girl With Chalk said...

Wow! The Little Red Riding Hood Page looks amazing! That is really awesome, the layout looks fantastic!

Grasiela R