Monday, October 1, 2012

The Sadness of Endings ~

Hello There:

I've been sitting in this chair, staring at this screen for almost an hour now, hoping to share a light-hearted and fun blog post.  But alas ~ sadness and mediocrity is all I can conjure on this 105 degree Autumn day.

Although I adore the Fall and all things that pop with orange and yellow confetti colors, there is always a sadness at the change of this particular season.  The change from Summer to Autumn  leaves a darkness in my bones and an emptiness in my heart.  I suppose a great amount of this sadness comes from the shorter days and the knowledge that Winter is just around the corner.  

A portion of my downheartedness comes, not only from the season's ending, but from another ending.  The ending of life.  A particular life.  I brought my little guy home this weekend ~ 

I'm still in dis-belief that he's gone and how it all happened so fast.  Within 24 hours he was here and then gone.  Another ending.  A constant part of life.  Endings....

Just as endings are inevitable, so are new beginnings ~ 

With the Autumn upon us, it's time for baby-making.  These Praying Mantids are creating new life, new beginnings.  

Only 2 days after these photos were snapped, the female Mantis began creating her egg case. The case will protect over 200 babies through the Winter months.  Come Spring, if all goes well, I will welcome those babies into my garden....and the chain will continue ~ 

The sadness of endings.  The hope of new beginnings.  Life is full of punches in the gut.  I wake up every morning and consciously look for goodness, otherwise, I will fall deeply deeply deeply into hopelessness.

I am looking forward to putting this guy on my front porch again ~ 

He makes me laugh and I do love the Halloween season.

This makes me laugh as well ~ I love a good "before and after" photo.  Lovely, yes? ~

Keeping your sense of humor, even through the dark times, is so so so important.  I think it is essential!

Keeping busy helps too.  I've been busy setting up new prints for my shop.  This print has been a long time in the plans and it's finally ready ~ 

Also newly offered in my shop is this print set.  I love offering prints together as sets because they look so good hanging side by side...AND, when purchased as a set, you save a few dollars as well.  This particular print set includes my two newest rabbity pieces ~ 

"The Guardian of Minervia's Secrets"


"A Serenade for Ola Jean"

You can find the print set listed in my shop....just click right here ~ 

I've managed to stay busy through the sadness of loss ~ through the sadness of endings.  Always always keeping my eyes open for little pieces of Heaven.  Trying to keep my sense of humor through it all and continuing to look forward.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World


sandra tyler said...

Well, no wonder you're sad today. Bringing home the remains of a beloved pet is extremely hard. I remember when my mother's cat died and was cremated, she buried it in her garden. She would tell me she wondered if he was cold out there. I thought jokingly. She wound up going out and actually digging him up and kept him on the living room mantel all winter. That eased her grief heart goes out to you.

Kelly said...

Hi Kim,
I followed over from A Fanciful Twist. I wanted to say how sorry I am about losing your dear companion Junior. I have felt the same pain a few years back and it just takes time! I ended up getting a puppy from a shelter months later. Tending to this new dog helped me with the emptiness and quietness around the house. Again, I am so sorry.
I enjoyed seeing the preying mantis, very Cool! The skeleton on your porch is just perfect, I love it! The picture After, Yikes! Love the Before!!!
Take care and try and keep busy! ;)