Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Can I Tell You Where I've Been All Day?

So...can I tell you where I've been all day?

Can I show you?

I've been sitting right under this tree.

This exotically scented Plum tree ~

Gifting me with Springtime petal-snow and perfumed breezes.

I am in love with this tree.

Can you marry a tree?  

I would, maybe.

The blue skies have been breath-stealing lately ~

Sunday offered a shockingly gorgeous blue sky ~

On our way to the St. David's Day Festival ~

at Barnsdall Art Park in this little ol' town ~ 

The festival was great and I was so busy, I didn't really snap many photos to share.

Here's one photo that proves I actually attended the festival ~ 

Yep, that's me in the background with the black and white shirt and sunglasses.

The view from Barnsdall is lovely.
Griffith Park Observatory ~ 

The festival was the sight of the release party for 
"The Children's Voice"

Oh how I adore this book of Welsh Nursery Rhymes written by Peter Anthony Freeman.

I am excited and humbled to be a contributing artist ~

There are so many amazing illustrations in this book, each piece printed along with the corresponding nursery rhyme.

My art piece was created for this particular nursery rhyme:

"Hen Wraig Fach"

Little old woman living in the Valley,
Ragged clothes and heavy clogs,
She had a calf named Twm
Who was quite poorly a long time ago.
Little old woman giving the calf some milk,
But the calf refused it,
Well she then became angry
O dear! She slapped him.
Little old calf running like mad,
And she was shouting "For God's sake!"
Following a calf across the country
Oh friends, what an experience.

My brother, Robert Karr created the book cover!

My friend, Rochelle Rosenkild has a lovely piece in the book ~ 

...and, my cousin, Danny Walden has an illustration in this book as well ~ 

All sorts of huge thank-yous go out to Lorin Morgan-Richards of 
for being the mastermind behind this publication!

The books will be offered for public purchase on March 9th....

But ~ If you must have one right this very minute, I have a little offer going on.

I am selling the original art I created for the book along with a signed copy of "The Children's Voice"

The book included in this offer is signed by the author and 7 of the attending artists, including myself.

There are only a very few signed copies of this book.

If you're interested in purchasing my original art along with the signed book, you can find them in My Etsy Shop.

So, all in all, the festival was successful and the book release party was fabulous.

After a long day of meeting and greeting, we found our way back home through dark skies and circus lights ~ 

And...thank you so much for participating in my give-away.  Most people had to leave email comments.  There were 32 comments altogether, but only 5 people were able to leave their comments on my blog.

The winner of the give-away print set is ~

Joanna Grant!

Now...I'm off for an evening in the studio.

Continuing work on this piece ~

which will finally include 2 of my favorite characters in Gerushia's World.
Huck and Pan.

Huckleberry and Pansy are 2 of the very earliest characters I introduced into Gerushia's World way back when I first started writing the story.

Very happy to finally introduce them to you (soon).

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World


shell-rose creations said...

Can you see me now?

shell-rose creations said...

Can you see me now?

Another great blog post, Kim! Thanks for including me in it! :)


Sandra tyler said...

Just love your work. Love the whimsy. said...

Congrats a million times over!! Oh how wondrous!!!!

Yiipppeeee!! xoxo

Here's to many more well deserved publications and tales and and, utter magic!

Love, V

Gerushia's New World said...

Thank you, Vanessa.

The book release party was amazing and I am so proud and humbled to be a part of this publication.