Saturday, April 12, 2014

When Quartz Becomes Stars and Serendipity Visits ~

Serendipity ~
I've always loved that word and the idea of it.

I stumbled across a serendipitous occurrence just this morning.

So, I finished a new art piece last night and listed it in my Zibbet Shop.

It's the first piece I've ever created that is in the night-time.

"Let's Gather The Stars"

The illustration is based on 2 characters from my book named Alice and Junie.

"Alice and Junie are gathering stars on this clear and warm April night. Junie is curious and ready to collect so many stars in her wooden bucket. She hesitates, but Alice assures her that all is well and the collecting night is upon them. Junie knows that tomorrow morning when she wakes, she will have a bucket full of wishes. What will she wish for?"

 I am sort of in love with the idea of star collecting. Gathering stars to distribute wishes to friends and loved ones.

Anyway...I created this piece with my little cottage in Northwest Arkansas in mind.

It was an amazing  wonderland filled with colorful turtles, chipmunks, wild honeysuckle and quartz.

We had these spectacular thunderstorms in the springtime and the rain would pound the ground so hard that the quartz would come to the top of the dirt ~

My boys were little at the time ~ 
(Sorry about the matching outfits, guys)

and we would go outside the morning after a storm,
buckets in hand,
and collect the quartz for wish making.

My new piece was based on our quartz gathering.
Only....Alice and Junie gather stars for wish making.

You're probably wondering where the serendipity is in all of this, right?

Well, this morning I received a note from an art friend/jewelry maker.
We only recently became friends through facebook.

After we met, I found out she grew up in the area near my little cottage.

She creates lovely pieces of jewelry and was very inspired by the quartz and fossils and rocks in that Northwest Arkansas region.

So, I received a note from my friend saying she wanted to buy this new piece.
She had no idea that the piece was inspired by the region that we both grew to love so much.

She had no idea that the star gathering in this new piece had anything to do with our quartz gathering.

Yet, for some reason, she was drawn to the new art.

She bought it immediately.

I am over the moon happy to know that she is the one who will love this art.
That she knows how the hills of Fayetteville smell after a thunderstorm.

That we share the knowledge of the quartz and fossils and secret treasures that can be found in nature in that particular region.

This made me happy today.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

1 comment: said...

Kim, that is an amazing story!!!

I love that.

I would just die of glee if I could collect crystals on a whim as such.

Your boys are darling in that photo. I am nostalgic for your cottage, and all the green, and I never even have been there ever.

What a special place.