Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fewer Words Are Sometimes Better ~

I don't have many words today.
Sometimes, few words can say everything.

With my husband still unemployed, I find myself quietly in the studio ~

And often in the garden.
Grasping for hope.

Grateful for this colorful backyard show.

Pinks ~

Warm mornings ~ 

Buzzing ~ 

Light and shadow ~ 

Snarling pups ~ 

Nosing around ~ 

Enjoying the garden from a puppies point of view ~ 

Rosemary scented ~ 

A little bit of lacy white...

and sunny hot orange ~

Froot Loops colors ~

Vibrant pinks on a hazy May morning ~ 


for lizards ~

The outside is welcome inside....

Bouquets ~

Vibrant dining room confetti ~ 

Thankful for the peace that my little garden offers me.
I find comfort there,
and a different comfort here...
In my studio ~ 

I have been very busy creating and selling.
The bit of extra money helps out tremendously right now.

This new original is in my Shop.

These two gentlemen were out for a jaunt in the countryside....
hoping to wrangle some rabbits. 
looks like Mr. Watson received a nasty nibble on his finger. 

I've also put these two pieces into my  "Tiny Tale Art" shop section...

Each tiny tale print comes with a little story that I wrote.
The corresponding story is printed on calligraphy paper.

Thank you for stopping by.
I hope to be back very soon...
with more words and, hopefully, news that my husband has found a job.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World


Vanessa said...

Kim, your words are so beautiful.

I am so delighted with a bursting happy heart that your seeds worked so well. Planting in November to get that in spring is a massive gift isn't it? Your garden is doing beyond amazing, I am soooo excited for you. Each little green and each little bloom is what makes all the hell of life bearable. The garden is the only cure I have found that really works.

You are always in my thoughts and wishes and prayers.

Love, Vanessa

ps: TOTALLY in love with the gents!! Love those tiny tales too!! <3 <3 <3

Raige Creations said...

Wonderful pictures!
I too have found sometimes words just are necessary.

I actually just blogged about it today, if you want to read....

Good news that hubby found a job!!! congrats to him.

Laura Tieri said...

What a beautiful, colorful garden you have!
It's finally warming up here in Chicagoland but now it's raining too much. I sure hope I can get to planting soon!
Oh boy, in that one picture it looks like one of your dogs is about to lose an ear!!!