Friday, September 25, 2009


Good Morning:

Welcome, welcome to Gerushia’s New World. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by and I hope you have a delightful visit.

Would you like to hear Gerushia’s story? It is a true story.

Gerushia was my mom’s aunt. She was born in 1909.

She married Loyd in 1926.

She went on to have a daughter in 1927 and a son in 1933. Gerushia passed away soon after her 24th birthday from a particular epidemic, leaving behind a husband, a young daughter and a 7 month old baby boy. Approximately a year and a half later, Loyd remarried a brave and kind woman. This woman was my dad’s oldest sister, Marvie. Together, Loyd and Marvie raised Gerushia’s children and also had some of their own.

Every year, Loyd and Marvie cleaned Gerushia’s gravesite and brought flowers. They continued to do this until they were both too old to make the trip to Gerushia’s grave.

My mom told this story to me many times when I was a young girl. Of course, I never met Gerushia, and my mom was only a small child when Gerushia passed. I did, however, know Loyd and Marvie.

I chose “Gerushia’s New World” as my new business name for several reasons.

1. Gerushia is a link to both my mom and my dad’s family

2. I create "new worlds" within my watercolor/collage pieces.

3. Well, I just think the name Gerushia is abundantly awesome.

So...welcome to Gerushia’s New World. Welcome to my new world.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia’s New World


Diane Duda said...

I love the story of Gerushia and think it's the perfect name for your new adventure. :)
Now i'm off to change that link before i lose focus again!

Susan Tuttle said...

fascinating story -- and what a beautiful, unique name:)

Marie said...

Loved reading about how you came up with the name for your new venture Kim! What a fabulous history and I loved the pictures too. I am wishing you all the best in this new project of yours! Yay Kim! Life is all about new and fresh beginnings!

LW said...

What a great story …
Wishing you the best with your new blog and etsy store.

I just love that name…


noodle and lou said...

oh Kim...what a special story and a lovely name! thanks for sharing with us. here's to new beginnings!!! xoxox...jenn

Amy said...

I agree, the name Gerushia is ABUNDANTLY awesome!!!! Great story as I am a genealogist for my family and appreciate great family stories!!
Amy from Abundant Curiosities

Great-Granny Grandma said...

I love your blog, and the story of Gerushia. What a wonderful name. And I'm loving your collages too.

I notice you have a cat named Bonzo. Haven't heard that name for a pet in a very long time, but my mother had a dog named Bonzo when she was very young and used to tell me many stories about his adventures. Seeing your cat brought back those memories.