Friday, June 18, 2010

Celebrations and Chitalpa Snow ~

A week of memories and celebrations. Reminders of days gone by. Heartwarming and melancholy all at once. June 13th marked the 23rd year of my marriage ~

As always, Gary gave me two dozen red roses the day before our Anniversary ~

So sweet and red and delicious ~

We celebrated and indulged for days ~ finally making the decision to open our cherished blue bottle of White Cabernet Sauvignon ~

June 17th marked the 22nd birthday of my first born. The first of our 3 blessings ~

Again, we celebrated and ate cake and gave gifts of the most curious kind ~

So much fun, so much goodness, but my heart is a little blue. I feel a small glitch in my throat when I realize that the years have swiftly moved onward. Wondering where the next path might lead ~

But alas ~ we go forward ~

Reaching onward and upward is nature. Even a simple orange Nasturtium reaches for light and life ~

This time of year is full of celebrations for us, and those celebrations always go hand in hand with the blooming of the Chitalpa trees ~

I associate my celebrations with these trees...givers of the Orchidy blossoms ~

and Chitalpa snow ~

Even Junior is breezy and frisky on these Chitalpa days ~

These 4 lacy trees stand just outside my studio window. Inspring me to use pink ~

They quickly call me away from my desk. Luring me to take a stroll. To see, to look, to smell. To find hidden treasures that entertain and warm me ~

To dance through it breathe.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World


Amy. said...

Happy anniversary to you both and happy birthday to your sweet grown up one!
I am loving your new art collages. You have such a great touch. I find myself lost in their stories!!

Marie said...

Beautiful post Kim! Happy Anniversary to you and your dear husband and also a Happy Birthday to your son! Time does indeed fly quickly by. We must make the most with what we have. I love your newest pieces. Very sweet. Sending love and hugs to California dear friend! xxoo

Carol Anne Strange said...

A time of celebration and quiet reflection on all those wonderful memories and of beautiful times to come. Congrats to you and yours, Kim. Love & bright wishes. xx

Kathy said...

Lovely Kim. Many more years to you and Gary...the best to you both.

La Dolce Vita said...

congrats the best to you dear Kim! lovely memories and more to make!! life is good!!

Róisín said...

What a lovely post. Your wedding photo is simply beautiful. Congartulation to you and your family. May you have many more happy days to come.

andersondonnaf said...

A wonderful post & beautiful pictures. I especially like the picture below "Wondering where the next path might lead" which has to be from Pettigrew and reminds me of the times spent there with grandparents and cousins.

Diane Duda said...

how nice that your beautiful tree joins in your celebration each year. Congratulations to all.
(and the fox-boy is just the cutest!)


Deborah said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations! I hopped over from Manon's blog and ever so happy I did. LOVE your photography and your art. **blows kisses** Deb