Friday, June 11, 2010

The Changeling Moon ~

Well hello....

I hope this beautiful day finds you doing something especially sunny and delicious.

I have been on an unexpected creative roll this week. Normally, I can't find the heart and don't have the time to get lost in my work for hours on end. But this week, I fell into an accidental creative stupor.

Would you like to see my newest piece? it is~

The Changeling Moon...

"But the doors were all locked and the windows secured! The Changelings only stood, saying nothing, giving no clues. Ohhh...where are the children, the little ones that truly live in the now silent and sad white house? What really happened on this day of the Changeling Moon?"

If you would like to learn more about this watercolor/collage, please click HERE.

And a big giant ooey gooey thank you to all of you fabulous blog readers! I have received so many personal emails regarding my new pieces and I just want to say "thank you". The notes and letters mean ever so much to me. I cherish you all!!

Gerushia's New World


NuminosityBeads said...

Oh, I see you've put the masked kids to great use in this piece. Well done, Kim!
How great to be able to get in the zone isn't it?
xoxo Kim

Carol Anne Strange said...

Haunting work, Kim. Just fabulous! Good to find you on a creative roll. Keep that energy moving.
Much love, bright one. xx

Shona Cole said...

love your storytelling! you deserve the praise.

Susan Tuttle said...

hi kim,
i can definitely see you are on a creative roll. I am especially drawn to the juicy, summery colors of this beautiful watercolor/collage -- very reflective of the season.