Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stitched, Stuffed, Cold and Icy Blue ~

Finally....finally I have a new "Gnarly-Doll" listed in my Shop.  This guy is cold and icy blue and perfect for Christmas and the entire winter holiday season!  

Introducing "Jack Frost Humpty Dumpty" 
(You can call him Old Man Winter if you like) 

Isn't he chilly and frosty?

Do you know who Jack Frost is?

I remember seeing a Russian movie about Jack Frost on television when I was a little girl and it scared the guts out of me.  

I mostly remember that he was chasing some poor girl around a tree.  Scary stuff!!

My Jack Frost isn't scary in any way.  He has a button face on tea stained muslin ~ 

Icy printed pantlings ~ 

and a fabulously fancy vintage silver belt buckle ~ 

This guy is big!  He's 30" tall and about 9" wide at his plumpish belly.

Jack Frost is completely hand stitched.  I did not use a sewing machine.  I do not own a sewing machine.  I am altogether terrified of sewing machines.  They're too fast and chaotic for me.  I prefer the rhythm of a hand stitch.  It is truly meditation.

If you're interested in purchasing Jack Frost, you can read more about him Right Here.

Until Next Time
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shell-rose creations said...

Oh, I love him! He's....COOL!

sandra tyler said...

oh my gosh, he's wonderful!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

I love a Jack Frost Humpty Dumpty! I especially like his mustache!

Um... that Jack Frost you know from the movies is totally creepy. That would majorly creep me out... MAJOR!