Friday, November 9, 2012

The Desert Blues ~ (Updated with links to other auctions)

I am torn in half today.  My heart is singing and crying all at once.  This day...this lovely day of desert blue skies and Autumn breezes.  

I see hope above me ~

Warmth ~

Fallen leaves...quietly promising the soon to be bursts of Springtime ~ 

I try to focus on these glorious Everdays.  These simple gifts that are free.
The blue of a desert sky ~, I am questioning.  Wondering wondering wondering why some people are put into situations of suffering.  How is suffering distributed?  Why do some folks seem to slide through life with nary a glitch, and other folks seem to struggle daily?

Let me get to the heart of this blog post....

I have an art friend.  We met several years ago selling art online.  At the time, we didn't realize that we lived very close to each other.  So, we are now "in real life" friends.  She and her family are going through a terrible ordeal right now.  Her husband was laid off about 5 years ago.  Then, they lost their home.  They lost both of their cars.  They packed up most of their their belongings, put them in storage and moved in with my friend's mother.  The mother has just listed her house for sale and my friend and her family will have nowhere to live.  There is a chance that they will become homeless.  During this time, they haven't been able to pay the bill on their storage unit and the unit is getting ready to be auctioned off.  So now, they are losing everything they own.  I want to help.  I wish I had the money to pay their storage bill....but alas ~ my family is not in the best financial position right now either.

So, a group of artists have pulled together to offer their art in blog and facebook auctions.  The money received for the art will go directly to my friend's Paypal.  

I am auctioning this framed, original.  Entitled:  

"The Changeling Moon"

Here's a photo of the piece framed.  

It's not a very good photo.  The colors are wonky, but you can get the idea of what the piece looks like framed and hanging.

Please please please, if you are interested in this piece, leave a bid in the comments section.  I sometimes have problems with people being able to leave comments, so if you aren't able to leave your bid in a comment,  you can email me at gerushiasworld at aol dot com.

The bid starts at only $20.00.

Highest bidder wins at the close of auction on Monday, November 12th, 6:00 pm pacific time.

I will contact the winner with my friend's Paypal email.  Once the piece is paid for, I will send it directly to the winner with free shipping.

Please help my artist friends and me to keep this family safe!

Here are a few links to some facebook pages that are offering art auctions for The Bergmann's

Bob Lee
Shell-Rose Creations

Thank you so much.

Until Next Time
Gerushia's New World


Laura T. said...

Hi there! I read your post on Vanessa's blog. I went through a real rough time with family medical problems a while back. It seemed to be one thing after another & it didn't seem fair. You see a lot of people who don't have all the same heartache at once & it's hard to understand how life works. The people on the East Coast are probably thinking that right now.I hope everything works out for your friend.
Do you have any info. on the other people that are auctioning off their art too?

Gerushia's New World said...

Hi Laura:

This is just such a horrible time for so many people, isn't it? Just terrible.

I will add links to the other facebook auctions this weekend. Some of them haven't been posted yet.


Gerushia's New World said...

The auction is closing in little over an hour. I've received 2 bids through email and 1 through facebook. It's been bid up to $50.00. still a great deal on a framed piece. If anyone is interested in placing another bid, please do so very soon. Winning bidder will be given the info to send the money directly to the Bergmann's.

Thank you so much!


Gerushia's New World said...

....also, I'm sorry this has to be on the honor system. Unfortunately, I have a terrible time receiving comments on my blog. I've gone 'round and 'round with blogger for 3 years and still, people often can't leave comments. :-(