Friday, February 22, 2013

Everything Old Is New Again and "Serafine's Mountain"



Art is the easy part.  

Marketing and selling are the difficult parts.  
The time consuming part.
The thing that takes me away from my studio and forces me to sit for hours at the computer.

I am so very grateful for the online opportunities that allow my art to reach people all over the world.
But, the venue choices are overwhelming.
Finding a good fit for my work has been a relentless struggle.

I've traveled around, I admit it.  

I started selling my art on eBay.
Then....I moved to Etsy.

Big Cartel.

Now, back to Etsy.

Everything old is new again, yes?

(But, I am keeping my Zibbet shop open too.  The people there are so nice and the site is very friendly and easy.  Just haven't been able to direct many buyers to Zibbet).

If you'd like to see my new Etsy shop, just click Right Here.

I just listed my first ever Etsy Daily Special.  
$10.00 Art Print Entitled:

I've also listed originals,  prints, and my series that includes short stories called Tiny Tale Art. I go again.  Looking for a comfortable fit.  
Somewhere to list my art that feels right

Hopefully, Etsy will be a better fit and I can finally unpack and call it home.

So, today was busy with shop work.  Computer work.  Tapping fingers while sneaking dreamy glances out the window, wishing I were in the studio.

Along with my new shop announcement, I also have another new original to share with you.
This piece has been in my heart and bones for a long time.

You see, Gerushia's New World is more than a shop name.  It's actually the name of an entire fairy tale that I have been writing for years.

All of the characters that I create and introduce to canvas are characters from my fairy tale.

Each art piece has a short story written to go along with it.  But...there is an epic tale that gathers all of my characters into Gerushia's World.

Most of my characters are curious and harmless
Odd and kind.

But ~

in Gerushia's World, just like in every fairy tale world, there exists an evil power.
Serafine is the evilness that threatens Gerushia's New World and the characters within.

She is the collector of sin.
A deceitful and fiery power.

For the first time ever, I have created a visual of this evil side of the world.


Serafine is not kind or curious.  
She is fire.

But the inhabitants of Gerushia's World are so strong.


Warriors for the better side.

Every world has a version of Serafine.

Not just fairy tale worlds.

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

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