Saturday, February 9, 2013

"The Crumbling Spine" ~ My Daughter's Book Blog.

 Have I told about my daughter?

(This is my daughter with Laini Taylor, author of "Daughter of Smoke and Bone.")

Well, I try not to talk too much about my kids online, because honestly, they prefer that I don't.  

This...this is something that I want to share.  

This is my daughter's new book blog ~

It is newborn and she is still working on the layout and design, but she's already started posting reviews and amazing interviews.

Do any of you enjoy reading "YA" fiction?  There are many adults that enjoy reading Young Adult books.  I like them myself.  They are often grittier than adult fiction and they can speak to me as the 18 year old girl I used to be ~

I am amazed by her writing style.  Her reviews are clean and to the point without being too long.

Because of our location, she is able to make contact with a lot of authors.  She has met many of the top YA authors and sees them often.  Even to the point that they recognize her  and know her.  Because of this...they grant her interviews!!

I can't believe it.  My daughter is interviewing authors!

Brodi Ashton

Jodi Meadows

Marissa Meyer

And for those of you who may have read "Shatter Me" and the newly released "Unravel Me" by Tahereh Mafi ~

you might be interested in this interview ~

Kenji Kishimoto

Yep,  she even scored an interview with Kenji Kishimoto (Tahereh)!

She has an inbox full of more interviews and many more books to review.  

In all of her busy-ness and blogging and interviewing and attending author events, she's also writing several books herself.  

Let me say this...and I say it not as her mom but as a rabid reader myself ~ I will buy her books when they are published.  
I know the plots and I know the characters and I know her writing style.

No doubt in my mind...her books will be published.  :-)

So....if you like YA Fiction, please check out her blog.


Until Next Time:
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Anonymous said...

Hey! This is so exciting!!!!
I'll go check it out right away.

I have SUCH a literary crush on Laini Taylor, by the way.

And you, ma'am, were ROCKING that tiara. You're like the mean chick from Carrie, but if she'd been nice instead. And about 15 years later. Wow....I meant that as a compliment but I think throwing Stephen King into a compliment might not be a good idea.

Anonymous said...
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Gerushia's New World said...

Hi Laura:

Ohhh...have you ever met Laini? She is sooo sweet and she's always super kind to my daughter.

Thanks for having a look. My daughter's only 19, and it's so scary to step out there and start a blog!


P.S. I don't know if I rocked the tiara, but if I had one now....I'd rock it! :-)

shell-rose creations said...

Congratulations to Ava! :) said...

OH, I LOOOVE this post.

Your daughter is soooo pretty! My is she ever!

And you, a total dish, my gooodness, look at you!! Wowie Zowie!!!

I love what you say about your daughter, and OH MY she is on an interviewing role!!

Too cool, off to visit her ;)