Monday, November 16, 2009

Does it Run in Families?

You know, I've been wondering...have I ever told you about my brother? My brother the artist? No? Well then, let me tell you about him now ~

His name is Robert Karr, and although he is very well known within the realms of aviation art, (calendars, model box tops, book covers and gallery showings) his talents go well beyond the Wild Blue Yonder.

His airbrushed paintings of airplanes are clean, precise and as close to perfect as an actual photograph. Would you like to have a look? Here's his website The Aviation Art of Robert Karr. Please, have a look at his blog as well: RK's Pfalzhood.

The galleries on his blog are amazing. Here is a sample of some of his 2-D art.
(I especially adore the nose art section).

Now ~ have a look inside his fabulous 3-D Gallery. It is chock full of unexpected art sculptures. For those of you who may remember the band Cheap Trick, you really need to have a look here.

Robert has a fabulous amount of aviation art to offer anyone who may have an interest in flight...maybe a WWI or WWII fanatic? There are originals for sale on his blog as well as limited edition Lithos and Giclee Prints.

Also, have a look at his beautiful box of Christmas Cards offered this year.

As you can tell, Robert's world is a mixture of realism and surrealism. From picture perfect Aviation art to dancing Vikings...giant eyeballs, rock bands, and miniature cafes.

So, although my art world and Robert's art world are quite different, I thought maybe some of my blog friends may know someone that enjoys Aviation art. Maybe a grandpa or dad, a husband, boyfriend or brother. Maybe even yourself. Keep in mind that Robert's prints are priced very reasonably and would make a truly fabulous and unique Christmas gift for the Aviation fan in your life.

Thanks so very much for having a look at my brother's truly amazing art work:

Gerushia's New World


noodle and lou said...

these are amazing! my son will love your brother's work Kim! we'll look at his blog together later. talent definitely runs in your family:) hooray for art!!!

so sorry you have been down with the flu. hope you guys are all feeling better now!!! xox...jenn

Great-Granny Grandma said...

His artwork is amazing. What a talented family!

Marie said...

Wow Kim. I am impressed. Talent really does run in the family!!! Just wonderful! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here in the UK, but my boss is American and so they do. All their family will be here and I'll be cooking up a storm! I am sending loads of love and hugs your way! xxoo

Abby Creek Art said...

Wow...talent runs in the family! Your brother's art is fantastic!

Glad you're feeling better from the flu, sweetie. Maisie and I send you healthy juju.:)

Susan Tuttle said...

I would say that the talent definitely does run in the family!:)

art-and-ghosts said...

oh wow, such amazing work, and how wonderful to have a creative sibling! I want some, too:)

Hope all is well in your world Kim


Amy. said...

How wonderful!!!