Friday, November 13, 2009

Down With the Flu

Well, Good Morning:

This is the first day I've attempted to do anything at the computer in over a week. My family and I have been nursing a terrible case of the flu. Horrible actually! It came into my home almost a month ago, riding in with my husband. What started with a little scratchy throat turned out to be a nasty and long-lived stretch of the flu that has found it's way around to my whole family. For some, including myself, the very worst of it was the constant aches. Especially in the hips and legs. For others, it was the throat. My daughter's throat was so painful, she slept with ice packs on the outside of her neck. often follows with my daughter, the flu invited a secondary sinus infection, and she is now on antibiotics.

So, as you can imagine, I've been "good for nothing" for over a week. I'm finally coming around, though. Yesterday, my daughter and I ventured out for the first time and saw "Where the Wild Things Are". We were both brought to tears and thoroughly creeped out! All in all, we liked it, as it is a very familiar story in our home.

I did dabble around with my "Dancing Fiona" piece a few days ago. I've wanted to do something in black and white with a pop of red for some time now. So, I decided to play around with Fiona. She has always been my most popular piece in color....

so now, I'm offering her in black and white....

Fiona in black and white can be found in My Etsy Shop.

Oh, and since I really couldn't do anything more than plop around on my couch, I did manage to read 3 books while I was sick.

I think we're all coming out of it for the most part. Technically, we are no longer contagious, as we have all gone fever free for 24 hours without medicine.

Honestly, take it from me, do all you can to keep this hideous bug out of your house and home.

Gerushia's New World