Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The "Almost Everyday Photo Challenge"...Day 8 ~ Sun.

A warm, spring-like day with a glaring winter's sun....

Posting these "Photo A Day Challenges" is fun, but it's hard NOT to create a proper post.  A single photo seems so....hmmmmm ~ empty, I think.  

Just by coincidence, I was thumbing through one of my old poetry journals and came across this ridiculous and over dramatic poem I wrote in my senior year of high school.  Wouldn't you know...the poem is about the sun.  Well, in my mind it was about the sun.  I guess it could be about anything to anyone. It's a funny little poem and I suppose I'll share it here, as it seems to be fitting for today's photo challenge...(it's okay if you laugh, I laughed at it too).

To Fall Softly

...and with a heat and a flame orange, it lingers,
wrapped in rags and waiting to be engraved in your skin.

Save some for ...

I will save it for later.
To squeeze on the shoulders 
what you want.
Shoulders to ride upon
with heavy legs 
white sand in which
to fall softly.


I know, I know...can you get any more dramatic and pretentious?  I was an odd sort of teenager, I suppose.  But, keeping a journal with me at all times was something that came natural.  I suppose it must have helped me somehow, along the way.  If nothing else, it's fun to look back.

Thanks for looking back with me
Until Next Time:
Gerusha's New World (The Secret Poet)

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shell-rose creations said...

I like the poem! Haha, my journals certainly weren't that deep or poetic!

Funny that you mentioned the posting of a photo alone seeming empty. I only posted a photo today....just couldn't think of anything to say! ;) And, that bugged me.

Nice sun pic, too!