Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Guardian of Winter's Bride" ~

Hello There:

Looks like I've skipped out on a few "Photo Challenge" days.  Well....I've been busy and I have the hardest time finding my way here, to my blog, on a daily basis.  But, I'm working on it!  Truly I am!

The last week had me working on several pieces in my studio.  The weather has been damp, so I had to wait for lower humidity to put the last coat of sealer over my work.

Anyway, I finished one of the pieces yesterday and I think I'm liking it!  It's cold and bluish and subtle.  I purposefully forced myself out of the brighter color palette that I normally cling to.  No circusy brights, no animal heads...just a simple lonely bride in a cemetery on a snowy day....comforted by her guardian.  This new piece, entitled "Guardian of Winter's Bride" can be found in MY SHOP.

(Please Note...this piece shows a bit bleached out on my particular monitor, but in truth, it's not bleached at all.  It's actually quite lovely).

So, I'm left wondering what will happen to this very cold bride.  I don't know if she'll ever make it to the church.  Or....most likely, she's no longer a part of this living world.  Seems to me, the person getting married on this cold and snowy day is the bridegroom that she left behind.  Of course, you can always make up your own story to go along with the piece.  I've actually had folks email me with very long and beautiful stories that go along with my pieces.  Isn't that cool?

If you're interested in this piece or have any questions, please feel free to email me at gerushiasworld at aol dot com.

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Carol Anne - ~ Writer ~Creative ~Star-Tripper said...

Guardian of Winter's Bride is fantastic, Kim. I can understand why it's evoked so many stories. Wonderful! xx

shell-rose creations said...

It is hauntingly beautiful, Kim!

Anonymous said...