Friday, July 12, 2013

In Honor of The 2013 Mad Tea Party ~

First and foremost...

Heartfelt thanks go out to the lovely and amazing Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist for creating and breathing life into this yearly party.  The heart and soul that she shares with us is unending and I am ever so grateful for her. 


A lovely day upon us,
A party full of cheer.

With lots of tea (or spirits),

And a tiny little deer (can you see the deer?)

You see, I prepared my tea cups, 

and baked some cakes...

and a pie...

I even sent my green balloon adrift into the sky.

The guests have been invited,

Alice is on her way.

The children, in their finest,

are scheduled to arrive today.

Imagine my excitement,

When I heard the greatest news.

The March Hare will be joining us,
and bringing his brother, too.

Please, won't you join us,
in this glorious day of Tea?

Rest assured we're all mad here,
and crazy as can be! 

Gerushia's New World

Please note:  In honor of Vanessa's amazing Mad Tea Party, I am offering 40% off every single item in my Etsy Shop that depicts a rabbit.  (Believe me, there are a lot of rabbits in my shop)!!!  This includes prints and originals.

Simply use coupon code MADTEAPARTY at check out to receive your 40% savings.  ♥♥

P.S.  Just so you know...I actually drink coffee more often than tea.  Although I LOVE tea, especially mint tea.  I am a drinker of a Jack O'Lantern cup.

Gerushia's New World



:) yummy treats and I will be watching for your green balloon!!!! The old photographs were fun too:) Alice is adorable;) come visit me and have some coffee with me :)

Thank you for the fun

Vanessa {a fanciful twist} said...

You are the bees knees.

No seriously!
TINY DEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love your art, always and forever.

And you drink coffee in a jack-o-lantern mug, so that makes you extra extra muchness of special!!

Now, I must go to bed as 2 a.m. looms, and I will be back to party tomorrow at noon ;)

ps: Your march hare, swoooon!

Kerstin Bulin said...

Happy UnBirthday you Tea Party...have a nice day
Kerstin from Germany

Emalina said...

I hope you don't mind but I'm helping myself to a slice of that yummy looking pie. What an imaginative tea party, yay!

Thanks so much for having me, happy Mad Tea Party!

Please do come visit my 2 interwoven fairytale inspired stories:

1. The White Queen as she prepares her Mad Tea Party for her eleven dancing sisters in:

2. The dancing princesses dancing their way all over the land to reach her Mad Tea Party:

I'm looking forward to serving you home made rose macarons there!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Loved this! Thanks! Blessings, Amy

Shauna Henry said...

Love the tea cups! And the chocolate chip muffins looks insanely good.

I also love all things Halloween and want to steal that mug! :)

Wonderful party, thank you for having me!


Wendelou72 said...

I had a lovely time at your Party! Visit me!


Maria said...

Kim absolutely lovely!!

val said...

lovely party!

Nif Already said...

Love love love the the vintage photo tea (& coffee!) party! Thank you!

Please do stop by for a visit too!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I prefer coffee, too, and I served chocolate lavender coffee at my party! Delightful post, and thanks for offering a discount at your shop!

Happy Mad Tea Party!
Please stop by and visit my party!
Ricki Jill

Designing Fairy said...

Oooh, love your art where animals talk, of course. great party.

Jorgelina said...

what a wonderful Tea party !!

Hunnybee said...

Love the March Hare and his brother! Also the imagine shadow photo. Thanks for inviting us to your tea party!

Michelle said...

I love your artwork. What a great pic of the March Hare and his brother! Those chocolate cupcakes look divine. Happy Partying! ~Michelle

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I have enjoyed your wonderful tea Party!

Anonymous said...

Great vintage photos...they made this a very unique stop on my rounds.

Swing by my party post. I have some party favors for everyone and a chance to win a prize. I think you'll enjoy the music in my little video. Check it out.

Enjoy visiting all of the parties!
`*.¸.*´ ¸.•´¸.•*¨`*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*•
(¸¸¸.•*¨`*•.•´*.¸.•´* .•´*¸¸.•*¨`*• ♥♥

Kathryn - Collage Diva

Laura said...

I had a marvelous time at your tea party! Thanks for having me along.

Deborah Adams said...

Lovely tea party! Most delicious and beatious to the eyes! :-)

~ Deb

Mario Zeleny said...

Wonderful tea! Thank you so much for inviting me!

Please come to visit:!

Tami Von Zalez said...

So enjoyed the retro images. I'm more a coffee drinker too.

Visiting from the Mad Tea Party.

Here is my post

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Great images. Off to look at your rabbits.

Happy Mad Hatter Day!

Flutter Before You said...

Lovely party, I LOVE that image of the little girl, in the lace dress with her cuppa tea. Precious! And I adore the fact that you sip your coffee out of a jack-o lantern cup! A girl after my own heart. That's my favorite time of the year! Cant wait to check out your etsy shop and see all your amazing artsies too!
Hope you stop by for my party too.

Rachel Gallagher said...

Oooo pie!! Yummy yummy. Great party!

Mad Madam Mel said...

A fabulous party, thank you so much for inviting me :)
Oooh pie, yummy, but what kind I wonder !!

I hope you will pop by and visit my party also:

Mad Madam Mel xx

Plumfield House Gardens said...

Very sweet and comical, love the children dressed up! Please stop by and visit my tea!

Deborah said...

You had me at Spirits!!! I am so done with tea! I greatly enjoyed my visit with you.


Sylvia Smiser said...

Coffee and a Jack o lantern mug. You sound like a kindred spirit! I enjoyed your mad tea party! I hope you will visit mine.
Happy Madness and Muchness day!

Lisa said...

thank you for a fun tea party!!

Jade said...

Those pictures are delicious, the food and the children too are sweet as candy! :D What a lovely Mad Tea Party you had!

Marilyn said...

love the old tea pictures.
come by and have tea at Delights of the Heart.

Marjorie said...

Such a splendid tea parteeee, indeedy!! Beautiful tea cups and scrumptious treats, too!! Hoooorah! And what a generous coupon in honor of the magical event!! Thanks bunches for letting me share in the merriment!! :)

Jennifer said...

I know this wasnt really part of the party but I LOVE your jack'o lantern cup. Love your party as well!

Kristal said...

Oh goodness, I know I am rather late but I am here now for this loveliest of parties!!

Love love love your artwork, what an imagination you have!!


Danni said...

What a lovely party! I really enjoyed the artwork and if I can tell you a secret... I'm a coffee drinker as well. And even more fabulous a secret? My favorite year round mug is also a jack-o-lantern! I won't tell if you won't. ;-)

My party is still going, if you'd like to pop by:

DogsMom said...

I am a cocoa drinker myself, but in a great jack-o-lantern cup everything tastes magical!

Laura Irrgang said...

You made it to the party after all! I have a really similar jack o lantern mug. And pumpkin ones, too.
I'm also a coffee gal, but I won't turn down tea. I always think they look so intriguing at places like Whole Foods/Central Market...those stacks and stacks of tea choices.