Friday, July 19, 2013

"The Welcoming of The Three Faeries"

Hello There:

Just a quick little pop in today.

Some of you know I'm working on a sort of fairy tale.

I've been working on it for years and a day.

It's huge!  Too huge.

So I am in the process of editing and shining it up.

In the meantime, I am also working on the illustrations.

The story is called ~

"Gerushia's New World"

Like most fairy tales, it's a good vs. evil story.

The folks that live in Gerushia's World are in a battle to keep evil out of their realm.

In order to get into Gerushia's World, you must enter through a window.

The window is guarded by Custodia and Hectorina

"The Window Watchers"

No one can get through the window unless they allow you through.

Custodia and Hectorina  aren't merely responsible for protecting the world from intruders.

They are responsible for protecting the world from the evil Serafine herself.

In Gerushia's World, just like in every world, there exists an evil power.
Serafine is the evilness that threatens Gerushia's New World.
She is the collector of sin.
A deceitful and fiery power.

It is the Window Watchers that keep Serafine on the other side.

This is just a short little re-cap.

But....what I'm excited about is that I finally listed a new, original, fairy tale piece in my Etsy Shop.

It's called:

Minna, Duena and Verena are the faeries that help to protect the window into Gerushia's New World.  
They work for Custodia and Hectorina. 
The Three Faeries are the only residents of Gerushia's World that can go far beyond The Window, into the outer world of Serafine
They are the watchers, and listeners and the bringers of news from the outside world.

So....I just wanted to let you know that this original is in My Shop and can be purchased right now.  

I have steadily listed these original pieces throughout the years.

There are still a few of the original fairy tale pieces in my shop.
The majority of prints are also from my story.

If you ever have any questions about my art or the story I'm writing, feel free to ask any questions you like.  :-)

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

2 comments: said...


Just fascinating. And I love the new piece too.

I can't wait to hear the whole story one day. ANd all the ins and outs.


ps: All your work has a fascinatingly curious and beautiful feel, with depth.

Gerushia's New World said...

Thank you Vanessa!

I don't know if I'll ever really finish the story...or that I'll see it published. But, it's something that I've been working on for so long, I can't imagine it not being a part of my life.