Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Is It About The Color Blue?

Do you like the color blue?

I find myself admiring blue so very often.

Humid blue skies ~ 

White puffs of fleecy clouds ~

Blues that change with the angle of the sun ~

These remarkably hot and humid days are deceiving to the eye.
Blue is a cool color.
But down here, on land, it is blazing orange.

I have a secret shady nook that offers relief ~ 

But on the hottest and most humid of days, it is still too warm, even in my little shady nook.

A quick stroll to check on the tomatoes ~ 

Won't be long now.
These lovelies will soon be on my dinner table ~ 

Fried Green Tomatoes ~
My one decadent treat...

Uh-oh...what is she sniffing around for now?

One quick look at the cucumbers ~  

and it's time to run back to the comforts of the indoors ~ 

I am perfectly content in my little home on blistering, orange days with humid blue skies.  

Bringing the outdoors in ~ 
Happy yellow sunflowers...

I have plenty to keep me busy inside.

A clean studio ~ 

a clean desk ~ 

and a clean reading nook ~ 

 I am still busy framing up art and vintage photos.
My little antique ghostie photo is finally framed ~ 

I found this photo at the bottom of a musty old box at a Southern California antique/flea market a few years ago.

One dollar is what the vendor said.

I paid the man and quickly left, as I was sure he had no idea there was a tiny ghost woman in the photo ~ 

Can you see her?  
Just there on your right hand side of the headstone ledge.
Wearing a white scoop-neck frock with hands clasped at her breast ~ 

I know, it is nothing more than an optical illusion, I'm sure of it.
Or.....maybe not.
It's fun to wonder, isn't it?

Sadly, my grand, orange and green pumpkin from last Autumn has become soft-bottomed ~ 

and I was forced to say good-bye.

But alas -
I am happy to know that such a lovely pumpkin has been replaced by...

This guy!
The Mad Hatter ~

Mr. Hatter once lived in Bizarre, Arizona with Miss. Vanessa Valencia and a cast of tea party characters ~ 

I am proud to have him watching over my studio now.
He is a perfect fit in a studio with the very lightest of blue walls ~

Blue art ~ 

Blue blue blue.

What is it about blue?
My favorite color since forever.

Look what I finally found ~

Aren't they gorgeous?
Anniversary edition of the classic blue canning jars ~

I have been hoping to find these for months with no luck...
then out of the blue :-)
my local art store had only a few cases and I grabbed one lightning fast.

Lovely, eye-candy blue.

Do you like blue too?
What is your favorite color?

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

P.S.  Remember this?  
          Blue blue you got the flu,
          Nobody wants to play with you.

2 comments: said...

I LOVE your shady nook, and your tomatoes look amazing!!!

I gave some tomatoes to my friend today, he stopped by to return a pie plate. And, I was like, these tomatoes are so special to me, of course sharing when you wait and wait for them is hard.

He seemed to be so happy.

But I do find that people who don't grow things, don't get how incredible and HUGE a deal it is to share your veggies and fruits with them. All that tending and time and heat and love and caring.

Maybe they can taste it, and then they will know?

Well, I am just peeking in real quick, as I had food poisoning the last day and am a bit noodley.

I LOVE that the Hatter, ahem I mean, your husband is living with you!!! xoxo

And I LOVE blue.

I grew up with a mom who didn't like blue at all, isn't that wild?

So, I had to introduce myself to the color as an adult.

I LOVE it - and guess what, my mom is lking it too ;)


Laura Irrgang said...

I, too, loves me some blue.
Those ball jars are perfect.
I adore getting a glimpse of your home life. Don't you just love peeking over fences? Or taking a walk at dusk and watching as everyone's light comes on?
I killed all my tomatoes. Poor tomatoes. Fried green tomatoes rock.
Do you ever fry pickles? We love those, too.