Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lazy Summer Days and Life's Lovely Gifts ~

Do you love the lazy days of summer as much as I do?

Days of "nowhere to be at any particular time."

Hanging out at home...

My garden is being very kind to me this year.
Offering vegetables, fruits and herbs...
Lovely chocolate mint ~ 

Up the ladder into a wonderland of green leaves and delicious fruit ~

We think it's time for a pie ~ 

Deep dish nectarine ~ 

Who knows what you might find in the garden,
here in this hot and rainless land.

Parched ~ 

and dry ~ 

This little girl had been smelling and sniffing all over my garden.
Looking for something.
For days and days she looked and sniffed ... 

and this is what she had been looking for.
A mummy of a lizard.

So many teeny teeth.
Have you ever seen anything so fascinating?

On the days when it's simply too hot to work outside,
I find my way to the studio.

Snapping photos here and there.
I needed a new bio photo for an upcoming project ~

Look closely.
Do you see it?

Do you see my gorgeous art pendant?
(photo courtesy of Vanessa Valencia)

I adore this pendant.

I purchased this from Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist.

So beautiful and amazingly well-made.
I love the creamy, silvery-solder.

This is my go-to jewelry this summer...
and I am not a jewelry-wearer by nature
but this piece makes me happy!

And...can I just tell you something?
My studio desk is a MESS !

Which actually works out quite perfectly
because it's too hot outside to do anything.

So inside it is.

Cleaning the studio.

Framing some of my favorite art prints ~ 


Thanks to The Little FoxMargaret Meyer, and The Black Apple for this amazing array of eye candy for my walls!

I have already started hanging some pieces ~ 

I am off to finish up my studio.

I have several deadlines ahead of me and I must, absolutely must
clean that messy desk.

After finally framing and hanging these fabulous pieces of art...

I am Inspired!

And I like that!

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World


Laura said...

that is a fascinating creature from the garden. i love Vanessa's pendants but haven't ordered one yet. I hope to soon though. I have lots of studio cleaning to do myself. are inspiring me to get busy. :-)

Gerushia's New World said...


Yes...inspiring each other is always good!

Vanessa's pendants are lovely. Heavy and well made and gorgeous! I love mine.

Thank you for stopping by:
Kim said...

Kimcakes, you have nectarines? You never told me, how awesome!

Our peaches are not ready yet, but soon me thinks.

That lizard it a major find!!

It's perfect!

I love that you love your pendant.

Your studio desk in working disarray is scrumptious!!


Gerushia's New World said...

Oh, we have yummy nectarines. The best ever. I love nectarine pie. You should make one. Or a crumble. You could make a crumble!

I am working on cleaning my desk right this minute, actually!

I adore my pendant! Love it! It is a treasure, for sure.


Laura Irrgang said...

That mummified lizard is really cool! Stick her under a bell jar or something.

Great art, by the way. I get so excited about getting a new piece, don't you? I keep going out to the mailbox, hoping it will be there.