Sunday, October 25, 2009

Secrets Under The Blood Moon

Hello's so good to be back. I believe it's been just slightly over a week since my last visit.

I've been busy working in my studio, as I have two custom pieces to finish. You see, these pieces are very dear to me, as the photos that I am working with are family photos. My dear aunt ( my mom's sister ) who passed away exactly a month to the date after my mom passed, is the focal point for these compositions.

They are to be gifted to my cousin, ( her son ). But, woe is me, I am having a terrible bout of "artist's block". Maybe it's because the pieces are so close to me. I've painted the backgrounds and then re-painted the backgrounds. I've introduced images and re-introduced images...still, I'm not satisfied. So, this weekend, I decided to work on something less personal, to rest my frustration and, hopefully, to find my direction.

It's been a couple of years since the last time I created an ACEO. This particular piece is a bit different, as I have used a neutral background, which allows the integrity of the old photos to hold their places. The neutral-ness also allows the "blood moon" (or Hunter's Moon) to take a bow as well. It's hard to believe, but this is my 210th ACEO. I really prefer to work at 4" x 6" or 5" x 7", but ACEOs are a good way to train the eye to utilize small format bases.

I titled this piece "Secrets Under the Blood Moon". I adore the idea of the Blood moon, which is an alternate name for Hunter's moon, the first full moon after the Harvest Moon. Seems rather fitting this time of year.

You can find this piece in print form at Gerushia's New World.

Now is a great time to sample some ACEO prints, as I'm having a "Buy One Get One Free" sale until the end of October.

Until Next Time, which I solemnly promise not to brutally market my self,
Gerushia's New World


Marie said...

Kim, I find your work fascinating. Have you ever considered doing a tutorial? I would love to know more about it! I am excited to be expecting a little package from you and will be on pins and needles til it arrives. You shouldn't have sent me anything dear friend, but I appreciate your thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity! Please, pretty please do a tutorial for us! xxoo

Diane Duda said...

No one minds the marketing when there are pretty pictures to look at. :)


art-and-ghosts said...

your images are always strangely touching - a tiny bit mysterious, and heaped with nostalgia, for me.
i wonder if the project is a little too close for comfort right now - i also imagine that it will leap upon you when you least expect it to, for what needs to be fulfilled most definitely will when the time is right.