Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Transient Studio

The house is quiet, all but for the sound of my own fingers, clickety-clack, on this keyboard. I've finished my last cup of coffee and I'm on my way to my "transient studio". Won't take long to get there...stand up, turn left and walk 5 paces. There it is, slap on my dining room table!

I'm working on three custom pieces and am anxious to get them finished. Until recently, all of my supplies were packed away in a lime green storage box, waiting to find their place in my studio.

But alas ~ my studio/office isn't finished and the custom pieces are beckoning. So, the dining room table will be my headquarters for another few weeks.

My own little studio is almost finished, baseboards are on and the flooring is done. Gary is working on a custom desk for me, and until that project is finished, my art supplies are portable.

I adore my own little nook. The window looks out on the Plum Tree...

and I can smell Sweet Peas when they're in season...

The only thing in my space at the moment is an old wicker rocking chair. The same chair that I rocked my daughter to sleep in.

I like to sneak away into my comfy little nook, take a seat in my familiar rocker, and dream of the day when the room will finally be finished.

Until Next Time:

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Marie said...

I have often wished to have my own studio. I think most artists would love to have a little nook that is all their own where they can practice their arts to their hearts content. I make do with my kitchen table and dream that one day . . . one day. I Love, Love, LOVE the rocker!!!