Monday, July 23, 2012

Fanciful Reading and a Give-Away ~

Good Morning:

Do you like to read?  Maybe cozy up with a good book and have a cup (or more) of tea? ~

...or, perhaps a glass of wine would suit you better ~ 

I adore reading all sorts of books ~ fiction mostly, but sometimes I can delve into most anything...even a good cook-book ~ passion has been this magazine...Somerset Life ~

I don't always buy this particular magazine, but this issue is special.  This issue has a story written by my friend and crazy-popular blogger Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist.

Sharing Dreams.  Vanessa truly does share her dreams ~ 

She shares her hopes, her garden, her home ~

 Even her better half "Mr. Lovee" gets in on the action sometimes ~

Ohhhh my goodness...and her blog has the most gorgeous photos ever.  Miss. Vanessa really knows how to handle her camera ~ 

Aside from all of this, Vanessa is just an all around sweet, generous and kind gal.  I've been reading her blog for years and we've become friends through that time.

Vanessa has kindly offered to host a "give-away" on her blog for 2 sets of my art prints!!  Can you even believe that?  I'm still pinching myself!  All you have to do is go on over and leave a comment on her blog and you will automatically be entered into the drawing.  There will be 2 winners...each receiving a different set of 2 prints.

But really...just go on over and get to know Vanessa.  I know that my readers don't really need to enter a give-away, but if you aren't already a fan of Vanessa's...then you are really missing out on a spectacular and beautiful blog!  You know what?  You can simply click right HERE to go directly over to the give-away and to Vanessa's fabulous, colorful, heartful world! a little celebration,  I've made my "Dancing Fiona" print the "Daily Special" in my art shop ~

Fiona was so over the moon excited to see herself on Vanessa's blog, I just wanted to celebrate with her a bit!

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

P.S.  Please forgive my drab photos lately.  When my computer died, I lost my editing program along with it.  Until I'm up and running on a new machine, my photos leave a lot to be desired!  But...I know you understand!


shell-rose creations said...

Aw, I tried to leave a comment before. I hope this one works! I was just saying that I'm so excited for you. I know how you have admired Vanessa's blog for so long. It really is full of beauty...and I love seeing the beauty of your Dancing Fiona on her cottage wall!

Gerushia's New World said...

Well...thank you, Shell.

It is exciting and fun to see Fiona show up in all sorts of places. Even on my arm!! (But you already knew that 'cause you were there)!