Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Let's Do This Again ~

So....hello there.  It's been a long while, hasn't it?  I almost gave up my blog.  Over the last year or so, it's slipped away from me, mostly because no one has been able to leave comments.  I've gone 'round and 'round with my settings, I've talked to the good folks at blogger, and still, the comment issue was on-going.  Now, it looks like the comment issue may have been because I was using an older template, so, I've chosen a new template.  Let's see how this works!!

Where to begin?  Well, let's begin with today.  It's HOT!!  Ever so hot.  The kind of licking flame hot that makes you thankful for air-conditioning!  

I stepped outside this morning to take care of a few garden chores and found this ~ 

A wasp enjoying a delicious meal of cutworm!  This makes me happy for 2 reasons.  1:  because that's one less worm on my tomato plant...and 2: because this season has seen a very sad decline in wasps and bees.  This is actually the first wasp I've seen this year.  The bees are  virtually non-existent in my backyard garden this year.  As a matter of fact, without the bees to pollinate my vegetables, I've had to pollinate them myself.  Especially the squash ~ 

I won't go into detail about what I have to do to pollinate my squash...but let's just say it requires a male blossom and a female blossom.  I do the rest!  :-)

Ohhh...and look how pretty...pretty in pink.  The first Sweet Pea blossom of the year ~ 

After all these years of growing these pretty flowers from seed, they are still my favorite.

We've also been spending a lot of time hand-transferring our baby Mantises all around the garden ~ 

Hmmmm...what else has been going on in my world?  Oh, I know, I picked these ~ 

....and turned them into this ~ A deep dish Nectarine pie!  So, so, so good!

You'll have to excuse my very plain and simple photos.  My computer finally gave up the ghost, and I lost my favorite photo program along with it.  Thankfully, Mr. Gerushia was able to retrieve all my art files and photos!  So, for now, I'm posting naked photos.

Since last we spoke, we've had a birthday celebration, an anniversary celebration and all sorts of fun stuff.

On the art scene, just for the fun of it, I entered this piece in a local art show ~ 

Mi Corazon por Alicia  (this piece is currently for sale in my shop).

and I actually won a bit of money!  It's always fun to win money, right?  

It was a fun evening and I got to hang out with my pal, Shell ~ 

I have another piece in a show opening up next weekend.  The theme of the show is "Fan".  I created this specifically for the show.  

"Fanning the Flames" ~ 

The original is not for sale, but you can get it in print version right Here.

I also have a new original in my shop.  A wee bit darker than my usual pieces, but I think I really like it.  It's called "The Burning of Eulalia" ~ 

For some reason, I felt the urge....the need to make this piece.  The name "Eulalia" means well-spoken. The name was borne by a 12 year old Spanish martyr who was burned to death because she refused to renounce her faith.  I know it sounds weird, but when I created this piece, I was drawn to use the name Eulalia, but had no idea about the story of the burning of a 12 year old martyr.  Something made me connect the name with fire.  Curious, yes?

The original is now offered in my shop.  Just click right HERE.  Once the original has sold, I will offer prints.

So...as you can see, I've been keeping busy.  In between working in my studio and working in the garden, I've also managed to read a few books, go to several author signings with my daughter and start a Pinterest.  Feel free to follow me over there if you like!

Ohhh...and one more fun thing coming up.  I'll be having an art give-away for a couple of my print sets, but it won't be on my blog.  More information on that in a day or two...but I'm over the moon excited for this give-away!  It will be "Fanciful" for sure!  :-)

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

P.S.  Ooopsie....forgot to mention that I'm having a "Buy One Get One Free" sale in my art shop.  Buy any 4" x 6" print and get a second 4" x 6 " print of your choice for free.  Simply leave a note for me at checkout telling me which print you want for your freebie and I will include it in your package!  Easy Peasy....just like that.  Click HERE to see all the prints included in this sale!  



shell-rose creations said...

HI Kim, great blog post! I hope the comments are working now!

Gerushia's New World said...

Thank you! So far, so good. The problem may have been because I was using one of bloggers older templates. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


a fanciful twist said...

KIMcakes! Helooooo, it is sooo good to see you back here. So so so good, you have no idea how good.

Your work is stunning, beautiful sweet pea along the picket fencing, and squash love abound!

Looove, V

a fanciful twist said...

ps: Your pie is precious too!!

a fanciful twist said...

Oh oh, one more things, I swear, last thing... the baby mantises??? OH BE still my lil'heart!!

Gerushia's New World said...

Ahhh...Vanessa! Thank you so, so much for leaving a few comments! I know you're on typepad, so I am very happy to see that you were able to leave comments!

Ohhh...we have Mantis love around here. We started the population back in 2005, I think. It's been going strong ever since we purchased that first egg sac. They are lovely indeed.


Girl With Chalk said...

Very cool! I am going to miss the fan show....I will be in San Diego for Comicon...I'll definitely try to catch the closing reception on last Saturday at Pomona Metro Night Out....
I like the Burning of Eulalia! That's pretty cool how you subconsciously made the fire connection...

Gerushia's New World said...


I'm guessing you have a 4 day pass to Comic-Con! I'm not going, but the rest of my family will be attending on Sunday only. It's the only day we could get tickets!

Yes...it is so eerie the way I connected Eulalia with fire. I was just talking about that with Mr. Gerushia last night. Very creepy.

Thanks for stopping by!


Sandra Tyler said...

hey, looks like your comments are working! And all your lush garden flowers make me jealous. I had to go away for two weeks to tend to my mother and came back to a dead garden. At least that's a little less summer work.

Gerushia's New World said...


Yay! Yes, I think my comments are working. Thank you for stopping by. Sorry to hear your mom is not doing well. Sorry about your garden too. Gardens are bad like that....we put so much time and love into them, then we turn our backs for a few days and, poof, just like that, the garden has the nerve to start wilting!