Monday, July 16, 2012

One Girl's Fear Is Another Girl's Field Trip ~

My "job" as an artist can sometimes lead me to the most interesting places.  Places where the warm sun splits through the trees ~ 

Amazing light.  Amazing Grace ~ 

Peaceful - Restful - People - Names.  Goldie, Minnie, Lilah and Grace ~

So much history, love, loss.  "Lilly" ~ 

With all due respect, I honor this in my own way ~ "Miss. Lilly's Roadside Motor Hotel" ~

When I was a small girl, I was ever so frightened by death.  No more fear.  I have witnessed the end up close and personal ~ 

I have heard the last breath ~ 

There is beauty on the grounds of a resting place.  (Peacefully He Sinks to Rest) ~ 

....and sad, heartful loss ~ 

Audrey ~ 

Angus ~

Baby ~ 

This place that some are fearful of.  Some are saddened by.  I find life here.  Quiet thought, beauty, 

The worlds I create in my art often walk me through cemeteries ~ 

"The Haunting of La Llorona" ~

"Lida's Swan Song" ~ 

"Guardian of Winter's Bride" ~ 

"The Burning of Eulalia" ~

I am always, always lost lost lost in the thought, the work, the dreams that envelope my world...pulled to compose and paint and cut and make.  

Compose these little pieces, new worlds, respectful of death, the power of death.  Respectful too, of the power of life.  

Little jaunts, spur of the moment field trips with a friend.  Quickly, throw on a sweat shirt and grab my glasses.  No time for contact lenses on this day ~ 

Beginning.  Middle.  End.  Long.  Short.  Happy.  Sad.  Life.  Death.  Love ~

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World

P.S.  Just a fun little side-note.  Since posting this, I've listed an original piece in my SHOP.  This piece has been offered in print for a few months, but I've decided to list the original.  I think it's time this "Little Red Riding Hood" inspired piece goes onward to a new home.  Entitled "An Unexpected Visitor", this piece was published in issue 13 of "Pasticcio Quartz" artzine.  Click HERE to go directly to the listing.  


P.P.S.  How does a girl with so little to say manage to tweet over 7,000 times? 


sandra tyler said...

Your blog is just beautiful and ever so thoughtful, as well as creative. I'm particularly touched my your cemetery stone photos; I have taken to graveyards lately as well, crave that peace that I can't find now with my elderly mom who I feel is beginning to fade away. As if I'm already preparing to grieve. Anyway, love your art mixed media images as well! Do you work in photoshop a lot? I was into that for a while, as drawing, and other mixed media, until I turned to weaving and back now to my original passion, writing. I'm trying to set up a workshop on my blog if you're ever interested.

Jessica said...

I stumbled upon your blog through A Fanciful Twist, and I am so glad I did! I love all of the pictures you've posted and the wonderful art pieces you've shared. Your blog is so thoughtful and inspiring :) Thanks for sharing!

Gerushia's New World said...


Thank you so much for stopping by. How lovely that you are back to your original passion of writing.

I hope you find peace on your journey with your mom.

I don't work in photoshop at all. My pieces are all watercolor and old fashioned "cut and paste" collage.


shell-rose creations said...

Another field trip is calling to me. When can we go? Soon, I hope! Your words and images are so inspiring once you put them all together, Kim. I mean, I was THERE, but it feels like a new adventure to see it through your eyes...and through your art!

Gerushia's New World said...


Thank you for stopping by. Vanessa's blog is amazing and so inspiring. She's a fabulous gal!

I really appreciate that you stopped by and read my post.


Gerushia's New World said...

Shell ~

I'm ready to go whenever you are! Anytime, anytime!


Bobbypin Bandit said...

Kim! I love these images of headstones. They are sort of romantic in a way... a gateway to the final resting place. Those baby ones are a little heartbreaking, but still beautiful.

I absolutely adore your Haunting of La Llorona piece. I am kind of obsessed with La Llorona because adults use to tell the story of her to control us so much. Then when I did some research and found out who she is based on, it just boggles my mind.

Awesome work and great photos!

Gerushia's New World said...

Well...thank you Bobbypin Bandit. I have always been fascinated and terrified of La Llorona.

Thank you so much for stopping by.