Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hodgepodge Goodness and a Thank you ~

Hello There:

It's quite beautiful outside today.  Not too hot...not scorching hot.  My front porch Impatiens are happy.  Even my little peek-a-boo guardian gnome is smiling ~ 

So, firstly, let me say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart to the one and only, Vanessa Valencia, for hosting such a spectacular give-away on her blog.  Can you believe that she actually hosted a special give-away for 2 sets of my art prints?  Isn't she super magnificent?  I think she is!

I woke up today with a hankering to blog...but really, I don't have anything particularly groovy to blog about ~ just my thoughts and my Everydays. will simply be a hodgepodge blog. Is that okay with you?

I took a little stroll around my vegetable garden this morning & visited with the pepper babies ~ 

...and the green tomatoes ~ 

that will soon be fried ~ 

Last month, my daughter and I went to the ALA (American Library Association) convention in Anaheim.  My daughter is the teen correspondent for a podcast group that interviews authors.  Mostly authors that write young adult (YA) fiction.  Because of her job, we get to go to all these great author events.  Isn't that cool? of my favorite authors, Laini Taylor, was there signing her book, "Daughter of Smoke and Bone",  and I was over the moon to meet her again and have my photo taken with her ~

I actually toned this photo down because our pink and blue hair together was neon!  
Have you read "Daughter of Smoke and Bone"?  If not, you should definitely put it on your 
"to-do" list!

I don't think I've mentioned my trip to the Arboretum, have I?   I visited the Arboretum a couple of months ago.  I had not been there since 1st grade,  which is really quite ridiculous considering I'm a gardener and stuff.  

I saw this rose and fell madly in love with it ~ 

So many pretty, colorful lovely things growing at the Arboretum ~ 

The highlight of my visit was this....the backside of a peacock ~ 

I was looking through some of my photos this morning and came across the folder of my hand-stitched "gnarly-dolls". really put me in the mood to start sewing again.  I haven't made a doll in almost 2 years.  

Here are a few photos for those of you who may not have seen my dolls.  Maybe you didn't even know I made them?

Let me introduce you to..."Alice" ~ 

She lived in Wonderland for awhile...Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery ~ 

Here's "Alice in Wonderland (Gallery)" ~ 

Meet "Doli" the African Girl doll ~ 

Here's "Tippy" the trapeze artist ~ 

...and Tippy's friends "Pid and Pod" the multi-sexed conjoined circus twins ~ 

Here's "Flutter" the circus Jesterette ~ 

and lastly..."Humpty Santa" ~ 

There are so, so many more dolls, but these are my favorites!  They are all long ago sold, so I think it's high time to start a new doll!

Earlier today, when I went to visit my vegetable garden, this guy insisted on coming along with me ~ 

Ohhh...I just got an email from one of my newer customers and she asked me to name one thing that has influenced me as an artist.  Well...I've been asked that question before and I always have the same answer...."Houses of the Holy" ~

I have been drawn to this album cover forever.  The sky....the use of the children over and over.  I don't know, there's just something so odd-worldly about it.  Do you see what I mean?

I'm always so happy to sell an original piece of my art...but, at the same time, it's sad to pack them up and send them off to a new home.  I hate good-byes.  I sold 2 originals recently ~


"Lida's Swan Song" ~ 


"Lulu's Big Top Playtime" ~

I was just having a look at my shop this morning and realized that I only have 1 of my Affordable, Original Watercolors left.

"A Constant Presence" ~

I kinda like this one.  The wee little "humpty presence" gives me a giggle even though I was the one that painted him.  Is that conceited of me?  I hope not.  I just think humpty is funny-creepy!

Well, if you've made it this far...reading my hodgepodge of a blog post...I truly thank you!  

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for visiting my shop and thank you to those that participated in Vanessa's give-away.

Ohhh, and one more thing ~ Happy Birthday Maxfield Parrish.  Thank you for giving me the love of Heavenly blues and all things Pierrot ~ 

Until Next Time:

Gerushia's New World

P.S.  The Nectarines are almost gone.  That makes me sad.


Kathy said...

What do you mean you have nothing to blog about? hahaha...
Your flowers are beautiful, your pepper babies, lovely.
I will certainly look for the book, sounds good. We share some of those type likes... and the photo of you and the author, and the hair, priceless...
Congrats on the sales Kim. I know it is hard to say goodbye, but someone else will love them.
I enjoyed your post, xo.

Gerushia's New World said...

Thank you so much, Kathy. Thanks for reading it all the way through! I just sort of wandered all over the place in today's post.

We do share some of the same types of likes. You might really enjoy this book.


shell-rose creations said...

Another fun blog post. I love hodge podgey stuff! It's like a buffet where you can get a wonderful little sample of everything! I so LOVE seeing that picture of Gnarly Alice in the Wonderland Gallery again. It was the perfect setting for her!


Bobbypin Bandit said...

Your daughter's job sounds AWESOME! I want a job like that.

That rose at the arboretum is gorgeous! I love the peacock photo... his little legs are funny to me.

I am totally in love with your dolls and developed instant feelings for the humpty santa doll. His striped tights/legs were what did it for me.

A Constant Presence is just something to LOVE. I love the humpty dumpty!

Yes, please make more dolls!

Gerushia's New World said...


Yes...I love looking back at the photos of Alice actually in Wonderland. You were with me during all my Alice-y business there. That was fun!


Gerushia's New World said...


My daughter really fell into a good thing...doing this podcast. Especially since she's a writer herself. Interviewing the authors is so exciting. She's only 18!

See the commenter up above named shell-rose creations? Her mom owns the Santa Humpty. It's a looooong story, but when Shell bought the doll for her mom several years ago, we didn't know each other. She bought it online from my shop. Then...a couple years later, we met in real life!! Can you believe that? Crazy stuff. Crazy coincidence.

Yes, I do need to start another doll. I especially love to stitch during the Halloween season. I don't know why, but it's the perfect time to sit and meditate through stitches.


Kathy said...

Wow that one tinted rose looks like the red Queen was busy having all of her roses painted red. Sorry to hear about your computer trouble. Been there before. Enjoy the day. Kathy

Gerushia's New World said...


Yes...isn't that rose spectacular? I so wish it were growing in my backyard, but alas ~ it is the arboretum that claims this rose. Hmmmm someday....maybe someday, I'll have a rose bush in my own yard that will offer up an amazing bi-color rose just like the one in the photo!

Kim said...

KIm, you have worlds and world to blog about!!!

YOu are amazing! YAY YAY YAY, you posted the beautiful photo! I loved the neon of it :) But it is beauteous either way!!

Oh you! DOLLLLLS< I am screaming, they are amazing!! WHAT???

OH MYYY!!!! you!!!!


Gerushia's New World said...


I am a jack of all trades, yes?

kisses to you