Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just Plain Grumpy

Well, I should say "Good Day", but honestly, it's not a good day....and I'm grumpy, so grumpy, too grumpy.  I feel very much like this ~ 

For the most part, I'm grumpy for reasons that aren't really worth discussing or sharing.  Little bits of irritation and crankiness, but nothing serious.

I don't like feeling grumpy.  I'd much rather dance and flit about and tend to my flowers  ~ 

I'd much rather be in my studio, happy, happy with not a care in the world ~ 

....or, listening to music, losing myself in the notes and lows and highs ~ 

I'd much rather pal around with the birds ~ 

...or walk a country path ~ 

But noooooo....I woke up feeling grumpy.  Unlike myself.  Like something stole my brain ~ 

You loyal and steadfast computer of 11 years has finally given up the ghost.  :-(
Thankfully, my files were retrieved.  I had oh so many photos and art files and references wrapped up inside that old, electric box.

But now....I have no computer in my studio.  I am playing musical computers with my sons gaming computers.  They are much too big and powerful for me.  I desperately need my own computer in my studio.  I go back and forth between my art desk and my computer and printer almost constantly while I'm working on my art.

It is a worry.  It is a bother.  However, I AM thankful for my daily goodness and my Everydays.  I am trying my best to work around the situation.  But, with a very big secret project looming on the horizon for September of 2013, I am going to have to get a new machine.

So....make more art.  Sell more art.  Make more art.  Sell more art.  Even my last 2 fortune cookies spoke the truth ~ 

Due to this rather large glitch in my arty life, I will probably be having several big sales over the course of the next few weeks.  Starting with THIS ~

This is truly one of my all time favorite pieces.  I had intentions of keeping it myself.  It was created for an "Alice in Wonderland" themed show and later went on to place in another show.  I even won a bit of money in the second show.

I am offering this piece for half price right now and I am selling it framed.  It is a salted watercolor with a bit of mixed media.  The image size is 8" x 10" and the frame is 14" x 17".  If you are purchasing from inside the U.S. shipping is free.  The title is "Mi Corazon por Alicia".

The gallery price was $400.00.  My shop price is normally $280.  Right can get this piece for $140.  I don't know how long I'll keep it listed at this price, as I might have a fit of panic and unlist it at any time!  

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at gerushiasworld at aol dot com.

So....I am going onward, forward, taking steps to make this a better day.  Trying to stay focused.  Which, for me, is difficult on even the most delicious and positive days!

Until Next Time:
Gerushia's New World


Anonymous said...

Just keep in mind that Smiling is Good for Your Brain HERE

a fanciful twist said...

Lovely Kim,

Isn't that funny, when we wake up grumpy? Well, it's not funny haha, but funny in a sorta, curious wonders way.

Shaking it isn't easy when you have a genuine thing going on with your computer.

Isn't that the pits? Computer stuff is the most irritating bothersome thing ever. One of them at least. Espeacilly since it is our business and contact with people far away, all rolled into one.. plus storage and protection for our photos and files.

I hope you can get a computer soon, I so do.

Oooo, major sale!!

And your fortune cookies! oh my!

Make make make!!


Love, V

Bobbypin Bandit said...

KIM! I was just over at Vanessa's Fanciful world and saw your comments, and I just have to say, that you are my kind of girl. You seem like a very good friend, and if I were ever to get in a street fight, I would want someone like you with me. I mean that in the nicest way possible. I don't know why we would get in a street fight, but if we did, I think you could probably throw down, and then we could win all ninja batman style!

I am sorry to hear that you are having computer problems. Those are never fun. I understand how that can make you feel grumpy. Then it feels worse, because you have to rely on someone else to fix it, instead of being able to fix it yourself. I am sure it will all work out. It might not be working out as quickly or as less expensive as you might like, but it will all work out and end up better than you thought.

I love the mystery of this new secret project. Can't wait to see what it will be!

I hope today is softer for you!

Sandra Tyler said...

Well, having your counter die is enough to make one grumpy. And especially if not backed up. I was so smartgandcboightban external back up hard disk but guess what? It was damaged and nothing could be retrieved from it. Go ahead, be grumpy. It's ok.

Gerushia's New World said...


I got your back....if we're ever in a street fight!